Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bacon & Blue Burger and Bacon Wrapped Tots

It is the fourth night of "bachelorhood" for the two boys and me while Alexis is in Florida and today our bachelorhood hit full stride. I say that because in the past 24 hours the most productive things we have done are:
  1. Watched the movie Zombieland....twice (funniest movie I have seen in years in a twisted way)
  2. Made fire roasted teriyaki chicken wings for lunch (our standard 30-20-10 hot wings process on the Big Green Egg)
  3. Watched ACC and SEC basketball tournament games and
  4. Went to Wendy's and tried one of their new Bacon & Blue Burgers that were advertised during the basketball games.
Ok, lying on that last one. The burgers looked good in the commercial but we knew if we went to get them they wouldn't be anything like the commercial and they don't sell bacon wrapped tots so I took matters into my own hands.

First, the bacon wrapped tots are easy and totally not good for you, we only eat these 1-2 times a year. They are a guilty pleasure.

Cut bacon slices into 1/3rds on a bias as shown and wrap 1 tot or crown in each piece. (You cut it on an angle like that so you can use the diagonal edges to stretch around the tot.)

Sprinkle lightly with a BBQ rub and cook at 450 for 18-20 minutes or until crisp. I served them with a spicy ketchup (2 TB ketchup, 1 t of Chok On Dis Blaz'n Glaze).

For the Bacon and Blue burger, I ran into a problem: I was totally out of natural hardwood lump charcoal that I use in the Big Green Egg. I did have some Kingsford Competition briquettes so I broke out my back up, a Brinkmann Professional Charcoal grill.

I fired up a load of coal in the chimney starter. These are great if you use a charcoal grill. It starts a batch of coal using just two sheets of newspaper, no nasty lighter fluid. You can get them for $15 at Lowes or Home Depot.

Spring is only 1 week away and I am doing my best to cook my way out of winter. Doesn't this photo make you feel warm and comfy? Can't you feel the soft, green grass between your toes and hear the frogs croaking their songs of summer?

I then grilled some burgers over a 450f fire.

For the blue cheese sauce, I used this one from the Bon Apetit Cookbook

Blue Cheese Mayonnaise

4 oz blue cheese, crumbled
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon red wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

Mix all ingredients, cover and refrigerate before using.

Then I just served it with a fresh grilled burger on a kaiser roll with tomato, lettuce, and red onion.

I'm pretty sure this is what you'd get from a drive thru, even late at night. Aren't you? (ha ha)

PS: If you wake up tomorrow (Sunday) morning and find that you've lost an hour of time, don't worry, you weren't abducted by aliens*. It's just Daylight Savings Time.

*Wait, what if Daylight Savings Time is all a ruse? Maybe we are ALL abducted by aliens every spring???????


  1. This is definitely bachelor food. Meat, served with potatoes and wrapped in more meat:D
    Seriously though, those tots sound amazing!! Whoever invented bacon wrapped tots deserves a gold medal! I bet they are addictive.

    P.S. Forgot all about DST until I read this post. Spring is underway.

  2. Wow, bacon wrapped tots looks like winners. And that burger is an objet d'lust.

  3. I'd say bachelorhood is looking pretty darned good. Usually the men suffer when the women leave, but not in your house. But all 'guys' aside, this is MY kind of meal!

  4. Your kids must be having a ball Chris. Those bacon wrapped tots look like quite a treat.

  5. Hail, hail to boys gone wild....

    Sounds like you boys are taking bachelorhood cooking to a whole new level! ABC will be knocking on your door before you know it, wanting to start a new series "Extreme Bachelor Food Makeover"...

    By the way, your burgers look amazing!

  6. Wow - that loos good. You bachelors sure are eating well - if I'd known it was to be like this, I'd have asked if I could stay with you while Bev is gone.

  7. Talk about bleepity bleep! I just flat out love burgers and those bacon wrapped tots are amazing. I'll have you know, that my Weber came out of hibernation this week! I do see some burgers in my future. Great post Chris.

  8. Aliens?? I think you've been watching too many zombie movies. :)

    The burger looks mouthwateringly delicious - the tots too, for that matter. I'd have to work out double-time to eat like that, but it would probably be worth it.

  9. That is how I would want a burger!

  10. I love that you have a backup grill. I don't even have a backup microwave! :D

  11. lol I figured it wouldn't be good at Wendy's either but yours looks great and ummm what ISN'T good with bacon wrapped around it?? NOTHING. :D

  12. To read about bacon wrapped tots on a Sunday was to have a spiritual experience...thank you and God Bless. Now go, cook and sin no more. xo, Nan

  13. Well of course you can do better than Wendy's...

    Sigh... Looks like i will not have a grill for 6 months. Love all the live fire photos. Makes me just a shade homesick (think i will go read a book by the beach for an hour to get over it)

    As to the bacon wrapped tots... Honestly, i am a little aroused.

  14. Oh my gosh! I could sit and stare at that last photo for hours. Bacon wrapped tots. Bacon wrapped tots. That mantra is going to loop through my head until I make them.

  15. Bacon wrapped tots? Dude, you are my Oprah!

  16. Bacon wrapped tots?? Dude..... you're just slightly cruel in showing that deliciousness online.

    Blue cheese is my favorite topping for a burger, or inside it a-la Juicy Lucy style.

  17. Bacon, burgers and NCAA = awesome weekend! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  18. Wow, wow, wow! Great minds think alike. Your burger looks fantastic and the bacon wrapped tots are making me DROOL! Nicely done my friend.

  19. That looks like the best burger ever and bacon wrapped tater tots? Chris, you are my hero! I am so making those! Double Yum!

  20. wow wow wow

    Awesome burger. Awesome side (bacon wrapped tots? genius! Zombieland - good!

    I keep seeing those Wendy's ads, and they are never going to be as good as something from the grill!

    And as for daylight savings, I don't mind having sun at 5pm now, but I could still use another hour of sleep!

  21. Okay, convinced me to watch Zombieland.

  22. I'm stuck on those tots....really?! Omg...tots never looked so darned good. and yes...those chimneys are awesome. I can feel the grass under my feet...but we don't have frogs in the middle of Burbank. Although my husband is a toad sometimes, does that count?


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