Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Bachelor Pad Closing
Well, as I type, Alexis is on her way home from Florida so thus ends the Bachelor Weekend at Chez Nibble Me This.

You'd probably expect me to be running around cleaning the house but honestly, the boys and I have kept it in good shape while she's gone. Yeah, I know, I'm surprised too.

No recipe tonight, just a quick shot of dinner, grilled buffalo chicken sandwiches. Real meals and recipes resume this week.

These were huge breasts. There really is a bun under that mammoth boobage, look.

I marinated them in a vinaigrette using that fig infused balsamic vinegar. Wow oh wow does that translate well on the grill! I was surprised that I could taste it but the extra sweet tang came through.

TIP: A lot of people use plain italian dressing as a chicken marinade for grilling. Try using the fig vinegar instead of plain vinegar, trust me, you won't be sorry.

Just before they came off of the grill, I gave them a dip in a pool of medium buffalo sauce (equal parts hot sauce and melted butter).

Food Blog Forum
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It is a forum for exchanging, sharing, and learning about what makes a food blog better. So if you have any interest in any of the aforementioned areas, get yer butt over to the Food Blog Forum and sign up, it's free.

When you sign up, send me a friend request. I'm user nibblemethis.

Who wants a $100 Amazon Gift Card?
I won another $100 gift card from the very fine team at BigOven. How? By simply just posting some of my food photos on BigOven and winning their monthly photo contest. 90% of you (the blogs I visit) could win this monthly contest at some point with the material you already create with your blog, all you have to do is sign up and start posting. Go check it out.

I've pitched the free site and the BigOven software many times but other than winning the contest twice, I don't get any profit out of it, I have no ulterior motives. I just have used the software for 5+ years and highly recommend it. It's way more than a recipe data base, it is a cooking utility!

Now get over there, sign up and win this month's contest.

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  1. You left with me two amazing blogs/ideas that I need to check out!

    btw, you are the inspiration as to why I now cook drumettes/wings. Since the time that I saw your blog post for sririacha wings-I have been hooked. So, everytime you see this type of recipe on my blog-know that you are the inspiration behind it. Thanks.

  2. hahaha, I was wondering about that mammoth boobage thing myself - I was like um, where's the bun?? Then I scrolled down some more. Didn't look like much of a bachelor weekend to me. Y'all are far too well behaved and a clean house too?? It appears she has you fellas well trained! ;)

  3. Velva:
    Wow, you really put a smile on my face with that one.

    I know! We didn't even have a burping contest. Sigh, I've gotten old.

  4. I think you need to come here and "train" my husband. That man can trash a house in a matter of hours!

    That is one manly sandwich thanks to those huge/mammoth breasts! You won me over when you said buffalo sauce (one of my fave condiments).

    Heading over to the food blog forum.

  5. Buffalo chicken is one of my all time favorite ways to enjoy chicken. Especially on pizza. Buffalo chicken pizza is irresistible to me.

    Thanks for the info about the food forum! I'm always up for improving my blogging abilities!

  6. "Real meals and recipes resume this week" - looks to me like you've been eating pretty real to me. I'm a bachelor thru Wed.

  7. How can you have a true bachelor weekend without a giant mess to clean? ? There should be windows opened and cans of Fabreez sprayed in a panic. Reread the manual, Chris.

  8. Thanks for the links :) I want a chicken sandwich...were there leftovers?

  9. Now I just have to go find the fig infused balsamic vinegar. sounds like you and the boys had a fun bachelor weekend and ate forst class to boot!

  10. I like the looks of that chicken sandwich and I must say it sounds delicious. I also want to thank you for the info about the FBF. I really like your blog and what you're doing here. I'll be back more often.

  11. That is one huge breast! The sandwich looks amazing - I am curious about the fig infused vinegar...I'll be on the lookout for it.

    Thanks for the info on foodblogforum and BigOven - I am off to check them out.

  12. Must try this unknown substance of fig vinegarette.

  13. With my huge amount of free time, I will head over and check the links... Mostly I have got to get better photos up... Mine are slowly getting better, but mostly are embarrassing

  14. Looks yummy stopping by with a Sunshine award because i love your blog
    here is the info on the award

  15. Big chicken breasts can be a little hard to get tender, and done, but I use them too..

  16. A few things: 1 - I had no idea Big Oven had contests. 2 - I've been really enjoying food blog forum since it launched, so I'll second your recommendation. 3- I clicked on your post, skimmed, as I am wont to do before reading the full post, and my eyes screeched to a halt on the words "These were huge breasts". I have a potty brain.

  17. This looks scrumptious! I'd definitely consider this a "real meal!" I'm already on Bigoven as you know, just haven't had time to do anything over there yet. On my way to check out the Food Blog Forum now. If it will teach me to turn my food photos into food porn like yours I'm so there! :-)

  18. Thanks for the info on the food blog forum. Have signed up and sent you a friend invite.

  19. Your huge breasts sound delicious . . . I'm especially fond of Buffalo sauce (imagine that). As for burping contests - is it gross that I do that with my grandson?

  20. Big Oven, huh? That's new to me... GREG

  21. Thank you for sharing those sites!That chicken sandwich looks delicious!

  22. What? no breast reduction jokes?? Thanks for the two sites. I will head over and participate. I looked at Big Oven but chose another software for my recipes, Living Cookbook. Love it.

  23. Awesome - very nice looking chicken burger!

    I just did a Buffalo Chicken Burger myself on the blog.

    Sorry to hear about the closing bachelor pad . . . so the house has less grunting now?

  24. Makes me wish I had a grill.


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