Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chicken Tetrazzini

Alexis found this aged and ragged cookbook several years ago in an antique store where she was buying some old farmhouse windows. She didn't buy it for use, she bought it because she thought it was adorable.

They are yellowed typewritten pages held together with two simple binder rings. Even the category tabs are typed.

I thought that the Forward reminded me of all of us food bloggers.

I've flipped through it's weathered pages once or twice but have never actually made anything from it until tonight.
Honestly that is because some of the recipes are poorly written, have imprecise measurements, and use a lot of cream of "x" soups. I haven't found anything online, but based on the recipes, I'd guess this was written sometime in the 60's to early 70's.

Chicken Tetrazzini

adapted from You Asked For It Cookbook

8 oz spaghetti noodles
2 cups chicken, cooked and diced

4 Tbsp butter

6 Tbsp flour
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 cup half and half

1/2 tsp black pepper, ground

1/2 tsp red pepper, ground

1 tsp kosher salt

1/2 cup mushrooms (we used jarred mushrooms, drained)

1/2 cup frozen peas

1/4 cup red bell pepper, diced

1/4 cup panko bread crumbs

1/4 cup parmesan cheese


Cook pasta according to directions.

Melt butter over medium high heat and whisk in flour until well blended. (I did mine in the same pan that I had used to cook the chicken to get all the leftover flavor.) Whisk in the broth 1/2 cup at a time. Then whisk in the half and half. Stir in the black pepper, red pepper, and salt.

Toss the warm pasta, chicken, mushrooms, peas, and red pepper together in a casserole dish. Pour the sauce over the pasta mixture.

Top with the bread crumbs and then the parmesan cheese. Bake in a 350f oven for 30 minutes.

Three out of four of us liked this creamy dish. Trevor (10) did not like it but he's a picky eater.

Vanity Plates
You know those vanity plates some people get for their cars? I got a "vanity plate" for my Big Green Egg. Yes, you are looking into an empty Big Green Egg but they don't really glow green like that.

More on this to come after I've actually cooked on it. If you're wondering how I got this shot, I used this technique I played with on my photo blog.


  1. Wow. Awe-struck and envious probably best describe my feelings about that vanity plate of yours. How cool. May I ask where one gets such a work of art?

    That's also a nifty cook book you got there. The forward is great. Glad to have you and everyone else to borrow/cheat off of.

  2. I have a book like that of all my grandmothers recipes! I quote says it all doesn't it!

  3. man oh man I love that font! : )

    Love the new grill top thingy ... been wondering how it was going to look.

    Boo on not having fried chicken though!

  4. Love the green egg, just perfect. We do Chicken Tetrazzini a little different in cajun country, but have never found the perfect recipe either, I usually use a mixture of several recipes. Throw in these three. Sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, and artichoke hearts, and adaption from The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. Love the find Alexis!

  5. I think your grill looks cool :) I like old cookbooks even though a lot of times you have to figure out the correct measurements. I think the recipes in them remind me of my great grandmother who I had until I was 16. She was one of my main teachers when it came to cooking and she always said stuff like a pinch of this, a dash of that, a bit of this, some of that lol

  6. How can you pass up a cookbook entitled "You asked for it". That title just plain rocks!

    The chicken tetrazzini sounds like it would be creamy deliciousness. I like how you updated it by using the panko.

    Love the vanity plate. I didn't even know they made those:D

  7. Love the old cookbook and the typo -- "complied" instead of "compiled"
    I keep a lot of my mother's recipes because getting to see her handwriting again makes me nostalgic for all the times we cooked together. Or, more accurately, she would teach me how to cook while I whined every Thursday night from the time I was in eighth grade until I went to college.

  8. I always go through antique cookbooks at garage & estate sales. They're a scream with so much butter and funny ingredients. I LOVE "You Asked For It," and think it's great that you revived the old recipe.

    The green photo is pretty cool, too.

  9. I love old cookbooks, and the beginning of the inside is a hoot, but the truth, too bad others do not realize this when we post a recipe that has been used over and over again (like blog troll comments). So many books and cooks just re-adjust them to suit their own needs.

    Love that vanity plate and light! How cool, and I am a bit jealous!

  10. Doode! You have a photo blog? Why didn't I know you have a photo blog? Love the vanity grill. Does it leave "Nibble Me This" sear marks on your food? This reminded me of the personalized steak branding irons I read about a few years ago...Can't remember what they were called, Other than the obvious "personalized steak branding irons"....

  11. I love that you got this recipe from a vintage cookbook. It sounds delicious!

  12. This looks fabulous! I am so glad I discovered your blog!!

  13. first time to post here. Found this site from a post you made at HotSauceDaily. My wife and I will be checking things out here. She's into old cook books and recipes.
    I've been wanting a Big Green Egg for a while now. The custom grill is awesome. Who makes those. I'd like to have something like that when I get an Egg.

  14. You did a great job of making the dish without the soup. Can you believe how many old recipes use the soup? Hope you had a great St. Patrick's day. I love the vanity plates.

  15. I've got this weird phobia about old, yellowed books. I feel like the paper is covered with diseases modern science only THINKS it has eradicated. Never mind. I don't want to talk about it anymore. :(

  16. I love old cookbooks too. The tetrazzini looks good!! I love tetrazzini!

    Your new vanity place is great! You are hardcore.

  17. Wow!I would love that book! I love antiques and that book looks really nice! The chicken dish sounds delicious.

  18. I collected old church cook books for years! Your grill top is cool..I've seen Harley Davidson logo grill grids lasered out of stainless...

  19. Ooooooo, I have grate lust. Please let us know how it cooks.

  20. Love the new rack...

    That cook book sounds like one of my mothers... lots of soup in the mixings

  21. Oh my god that grill is awesome.

    They used a lot of cream of X soups in cooking in the 60's?? Surprising??

  22. Love the vanity grate! I've been thinking about getting one for some time. It looks excellent!

  23. I love old cookbooks and get some of my best inspirations updating those recipes... GREG

  24. The Big Green just keeps getting more cool all the time! Cool old cookbook too. I was thinking wow, that's really an antique and then you guessed the time period and now I feel like the antique, LOL! The recipe sounds like a good one. I think my guys would like it, adding it to the menu plans for next week :-)

  25. I used canned artichokes in water for this recipe. I did think about using the marinated artichokes though. I wonder if you could put the marinated artichokes in a baking dish just as they are and then top them with the breadcrumbs. I'll probably try that just to see how it stacks up against the plain artichokes. I hope you both like it!

  26. Your vanity plate cracks me up! Love the old cookbook and the tetrazzini looks and sounds so creamy and delicous.

  27. What a great looking book! It's got a well used vibe as well as some interesting recipes I'm sure.

    And I love the vanity grill. I really want my own. Granted, I want my own BGE too. And a place to put it would be nice. I can't wait to see a nice steak with 'Nibble Me This' in it!

  28. I love chicken tetrazzini. And old cookbooks. Cream of x - not so much. But this looks fantastic! Ultimate comfort food. For. Sure.

  29. Most awesome. I am sure you are glad you were patient.

    The recipe,

    I am so old. The typewriter was heavy on the "W,A,D.' letters etc . The ink in the ribbon was low and she hit those key with more gusto.

  30. I love old cookbooks like that and have several. Many of the ones that I own call for "oleo". Did you see Oleo mentioned anywhere? It must be the first margarine. A good friend of mine just had a baby and I took a big dish of Tetrazini over to her. It's been years since I've made it and it sure is yummy! I was on my way out of town, so didn't have time for pictures to blog about it.

  31. how cool is that! the cookbook and the vanity plate


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