Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sportin' Wood

Cherry wood that is.

I scored some free cherry wood on Craigslist. It is one of my favorite woods for smoking because it's fruity, not obnoxious, and versatile.
I finally got my chainsaw back from my brother-in-law this weekend and the first thing I did was the kind of things you do when you get borrowed tools back from your brother-in-law. I disassembled it, cleaned it, and replaced the chain. Yeah, thanks dude.

I sawed the 6 feet long pieces down to 4-6 inch long pieces. Then I started splitting the small pieces into chunks for smoking food. Man this is a lot of work.

If only I had a readily available source of cheap labor. Hmmmmmmm.......light bulb!

Actually Trevor loves splitting wood, it's like a game to him. I taught him how to "read" the wood so you can tell how it's going to split the easiest. You look at the rings and look for fissures pointing towards the center. Sometimes they are obvious "cracks" but other times, it is subtle changes of texture. My father taught me this when I was Trev's age and my grandfather (mother's side) taught him.

We split about 40 lbs into chunks. It's still a little wet so I'll have to let this season for another 6 months before I can start using it for cooking.

We have about another 40 lbs to split. Anyone local have some apple wood to trade for some cherry?

One of the most common questions from people new to smoking or bbq is "what wood goes with what meat"? Here is a pretty comprehensive list*.

*Although they DON'T include pimiento wood, which is the wood used for true jerk chicken, but I'll let that slide :)


  1. I can be over in about 6 months, or so, so just keep that boy swinging that axe.

  2. I tried splitting wood one time when we were camping last year. What a joke, one swing and I knew this was definately not a "girl" thing to do. And no, I DO NOT throw a softball like a girl!

    That wood sure looks pretty all piled up.

  3. Nice! I hope you find someone to trade some apple wood with; that would rock.

  4. My husbands favorite! That and apple of course, you guys would get along fabulously.

  5. I thought wood grew in little chips that fit into plastic bags.

  6. 1) Way to score off of Craigslist (1 point)
    2) Nice burn on the Brother in Law (1 point)
    3) Way to get child labour and turn it into a game. (1 point)
    4) Bonus point for the awesome food this will eventually be smoked into.

    4/4 - A+

  7. Nice splitting job. I have a rick of nice hickory needing the same treatment and I hope to get on it starting today - or tomorrow - or the next day - before the snow flys.

  8. I helped out a guy with some bowling tips, and a place to get the work done, and he's bringing me some pear wood! I can't wait! I've used oak, alder, cherry, apple, hickory- even (shuddering!) mesquite! Pear should be a lot like apple, only better!

  9. No way! lucky you. FREE cherry wood!??? I'll trade you some egg rolls for cherry wood!


  10. Free wood... what a deal!

    Don't ever let your son read Tom Sawyer

  11. We don't get much cherry here, which is too bad because i really like it with ribs. Nice job scoring some for free. I just got my USPS box of guava, so I should be good for awhile.

  12. niiiiice. I use to have some wood piled in the backyard. it became a spawning ground for black widows. :/

  13. Free wood on Craigslist!!! I had no idea! I scored some apricot wood from a relative and it was fabulous for smoking.


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