Friday, October 30, 2009

Smoked Chicken part Deux and 1/2

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Smoked Chicken
The first real BBQ that ever hit my mouth was when I was a kid spending summers on my grandparent's tobacco farm near Elizabethtown, NC. It was pulled pork that just blew me away. My taste buds were rocked to life by the local volunteer fire department's fund raising Q. To this day, I remember that first bite.

That experience was what would lead me to buy my first smoker 25 years later. A funny thing happened on the way to making perfect pulled pork. I learned to make some kick ass smoked chicken, ( if I do say so myself, which I do).

I've posted my recipe and techniques for smoking chicken before, so I'll just re-link them here (smoked chicken) and here (spatchcock chicken).

I smoked the chicken using the rubs and mops in the links but here is tonight's cooking log. Using a cooking log like this let's you learn from your mistakes and successes.

The initial rub and subsequent mops, build a layer of flavors, seasoning, and color.

I pulled the chix when the remote probe in the thigh hit 180f for an internal temp. This gives you a temp in the breast of 160f. Then you let the bird rest for about 10-15 minutes.

The wings make the perfect "chef's treat". I sliced these off and Alexis and I picked these two wings clean before we even touched the rest of the bird.

Then, I commenced "pulling" the chicken (aka shredding) to be used in dishes later this weekend. Look how juicy this bird comes out even after 3 hours in the smoker.

The leq quarters were just as gorgeous as the breasts. (Just in case you're a 'thigh man')

The skin was impeccably crisped, so I had to chop some up to go into the pulled chicken.

Chicken. It tastes just like chicken. Only really good chicken!


  1. Good lookin' stuff! I like to smoke more than one, if I'm going to go through all the work.. Most people forget smoked meats last longer and taste better than other left-overs..
    Thanksgiving may be a bone-in turkey breast, smoked.. Got to see how many will be here..

  2. oh wow this looks amazing theres a restaurant in the UK called Nandos u would like thanks so much for visiting chow and chatter have a good weekend

  3. Beautiful bird Chris! I believe that's the best looking pulled chicken I've ever seen. :)

  4. Amazing that it can stay so moist after being smoked 3 hours.

    Can u explain to me the difference between a leg man and a thigh man? I always thought they were one in the same. Inner thigh is a whole new ballgame however, I'd agree.

  5. Oh my that looks incredible Chris! Here I go drooling all over my keyboard again!
    Have a safe and fun Halloween :-)

  6. This looks fabulous!!!!! I immediately became hungry just looking at those pictures. Chicken aside for a minute, after making my first pulled pork last month, I'd give my right arm to taste a REAL pulled pork meal off that green egg! I can totally understand your comment to my pulled pork post, now that I read more of your blog. Thanks for mentioning my blog. :-)

  7. oooooh yum!!! I could make some real kick ass chopped chicken salad with that there chicken, among other things

  8. Smoked chicken. I want some. Now.

  9. Oh man...I can't tell you how amazing this looks to me! Beautiful! I so want a Green Egg!

  10. Okay, yeah. Each and every one of these pictures is amazing!!! It looks so juicy and delicious :)

  11. Beautiful chicken, well beyond my capabilities. But I am really here to say I finally saw your KAY-row comment on SippitySup. HA... I am still laughing. GREG

  12. Very nice looking bird, and great tips on using one cook in multiple recipes. I've been doing grilled chicken all summer, time to try smoking one again.

  13. haven't seen a chicken so good in a while :) I'll be back for more bbq recipes, thanks!


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