Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sausage and Grits

On a semi-food related note: Bowling For Soup released their new album (remember those? It's what recording artists used to make, now it's just singles) this month. It is low-brow, immature, ridiculous and hook laden stuff. But I can't help myself, I love it! Songs like Hooray for Beer, My Wena, and I Hate L.A. make me laugh and I keep finding myself scrolling them up on my mp3 player.

Back to food: As Big Dude, Pam, and Katherine can attest, it was a cold gray day here in Appalachian country yesterday. Just plain "stay under the covers" kind of weather. So when I finally got around to making something for dinner last night, I wanted something warm, stick to your ribs, and easy. Sausage & Grits fits the bill.

I sauteed some peppers (green bell & hungarian wax), onion, and garlic and browned sausage (mozarella & roasted garlic chicken sausage). I made a quick gravy. I rushed the roux for the gravy, which is why the gravy is so light....a true "blonde moment". I should have taken it darker before adding the broth. Then I just put it all on top of slow cooked stone ground grits, not that instant crap.

It was very good for something so easy. The textures mixed well and the mild grits complimented the strong flavors of the meat-veggie mixture. Despite being so pale, the gravy was even tasty. Good stuff.

Blog Question: Has anyone else had problems with blogs randomly "disappearing" from your blog roll? I've had it happen several times lately. Today's example is Big Dude. As of this second, his blog is missing and I know it was on there before. I'm about to add it back right now but was just wondering if it's just me.

So if any of you disappear from my blog roll, just know, "I ain't hatin' on ya!". :)


  1. I just realized I hadn't signed up for your blog roll... I just did- so we'll see..

  2. You were definitely NOT wrong to label this as comfort food. How YUMMY !...Perfect Picture too!

  3. I've made grits-ONCE. I did buy the the right stuff (not instant) and loved them. You see, you just don't walk into a restaurant here in Denver and find grits on the menu. I still have some left and will have to make a point to make them again. I made bbq Shrimp and cheesy grits. Delicious. I love this recipe you've posted and will give it a try.

  4. Man, that looks good! I made me a big old bowl of soup yesterday and settled in like it was winter.

  5. You just reminded me to make some Italian grits for hubbys dinner! You know Pul-me-n-ta cooking another meal!

    Yours look good to me!

  6. LOL, I love Bowling For Soup, for the same reasons you mentioned. Yeah, it's juvenile...but makes me laugh every time! Enjoy.

  7. yum! I want some breakfast for lunch. and I don't think I've had anyone missing from my blog roll...must be just you :P

  8. Great dish! I'll have to look for grits next time I'm in the States on a cross-border shopping spree.

    Are you talking about your followers, or the list on your sidebar? Either way, Blogger does this once in a while and it'll eventually sort itself out.

  9. Another meal that has me drooling on my keyboard! Yum!
    I have had blog disappearing lately too!
    Speaking of things disappearing, I sent you an email over the weekend. Did you get it or did it disappear into your spam folder? Let me know :-)


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