Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mega Super Fantastic Recipe Free Episode

Wow, I haven't posted in 5 days. And none of you were concerned enough to send out a search party or even call to make sure I was okay?

What if I had accidentally super glued (I guess these days it's all about Mighty Putty) myself to the floor again or I had been surrounded by a vicious pack of fainting goats? I forgive you.....this time;)

So where the heck have I been all week?

First off, I spent much of the week laboring over tabulating the results from our Name That Chicken poll, validating the results, and then working with various graphic arts company to produce these spectacular official results. (BS....he spent 3 minutes using Excel.)As you can see, Little Bang! Cock was the recipe name of choice. That was my favorite too. But I have to give props to Dick of Opinions & Rectums, We All Got One and Mary of Rejected Truth for mounting very strong write in candidates.

BD made me laugh with "Mini Henny Penny- The Thai Is Falling".

Mary went cerebral on me and came up with Rakesh Saxena Chicken "because he was Thai and chicken". I had to google to get the pun behind that one as I do not have an intimate knowledge of fugitive Thai financiers like Mary does. Hmmmm that makes me wonder where she spent her formative years, who this Mary really is, and what international investigative branch she works for. (That or maybe she reads a paper every now and then.)

I have a confession. Those weren't REALLY cornish game hens in that recipe.....
JUST KIDDING! Sheesh, I posted some of the geese pictures on my photo blog and those folks all said how much they hated geese and wanted to see them burn;)

I also spent some time this week setting up the deck for summer grilling and BBQ mode. All that really is was just doing a spring clean of the Egg table and bringing out the Brinkmann's charcoal grill for additional cooking space. That way I can grill on it while I'm doing a long smoke on the Big Green Egg. I couldn't convince Alexis to let me put the offset smoker on the deck for the summer, too. Finally, I was also interviewed twice this week. First I was interviewed by the infamous Lord Of The Wings. Then I was interviewed by Mary Constantine of the NewsSentinel for an upcoming bit about grilling. It was fun having her and Saul Young over for a late lunch.It felt like we were just having neighbors over for a casual bite. I think I "interviewed" poor Saul about photography as much as Mary could interview me about grilling :)

Anyway, that's where I've been all week. What trouble have YOU been getting into?