Sunday, May 31, 2009

Idea for Food Meme/Throwdown

I was kicking around ideas of what to cook for dinner tonight when I had a thought. I should (not tonight, but sometime soon) make a full menu comprised solely of recipes from other blogs.

Then I took that idea one step further. There are so many great foodies blogging out there. How many times have you commented, "Looks great...I have GOT to try making that" yet never get around to doing it?

All of us food bloggers should designate one weekend in a few weeks, when we all do this.
1) Select a a full menu using recipes from other food bloggers' posts. (Trying to use as many different blogs as possible.)
2) Cook the menu, take pictures, etc
3) On the designated date, post the menu (linking to the original posts), your alterations and your results.

Anyone interested?
What would we call the meme?