Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blount BBQ Bash: Interim Report

I went to a BBQ contest yesterday and it turned into a tractor pull. After 7 straight days of rain (half a foot has fallen in some areas), I didn't expect much less. The ground was so soft that we had to use tractors to get the various teams' equipment in.But it didn't rain during the event today, we got all of the contestants settled in, and hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same. And on the bright side.....there was mud wrasslin' ! It wasn't intentional but it was entertaining. Let's just say the person who was involuntarily thrown into the mud is plotting her revenge against her villainous attacker. The canoe races should prove interesting tomorrow.
I have a lot to write about but it's before dawn Saturday morning and I'm about to head back down for another day of volunteering at the event. I need a Red Bull.

I'll do a real post later. Like tomorrow most likely.