Saturday, March 30, 2013

B-roll Footage

I shoot pictures of most of the stuff that I cook but not everything makes it to my blog.

Reasons things might not make the cut to show up on the blog are things such as:
  • the recipe is a work in process
  • the recipe has nothing new to add in terms of content
  • I didn't like the pictures
  • I just didn't feel like posting it.
Here are some examples for cooks in the past few weeks that didn't make it.

Pasta with ham and peas

Pasta with ham and peas
A "leftover throw together".  I was just using up leftover ham and cooked noodles.  Made a white sauce and then added some cream cheese, pepper, salt, and red pepper flake.  Added frozen peas and chopped ham and topped with chopped bacon.   

Tri-tip burgers
burger with grill marks, grilled burger, burger platter
Looked pretty.

Visibly lacking fat, too lean.

grilled cheeseburgers, craycort grates, big green egg grate
Gouda on some, colby jack on some.

GrillGrates, sear marks
Great grill marks from GrillGrates.

grilled cheeseburger, grilled burger, big green egg burger

I fresh ground a tri tip roast and a chuck roast for burgers.  I grilled a dozen burgers on the Big Green Egg in batches.  I didn't post it because the meat mixture was too lean for my tastes and the texture suffered as a result.  I have several more grinds that I am working on and my favorite will eventually be posted.

Huli Huli Chicken
huli huli chicken

This was a practice run for our upcoming Blogger Party (click here for details).  I was using the America's Test Kitchen version but divided the finishing sauce so I could use it as a baste too.  Using several quesadilla baskets like the one shown, it lets me "turn turn" (huli huli) the chicken frequently and easily so I will be able to crank a bunch out in a short period of time at the party.  Will be a future post after the party with better pictures.

T-bone steaks

T-bone steaks, big green egg, GrillGrates steak,

grilled steak, wedge salad, garlic roll, grilled t-bone, steak with compound butter

I got a good deal on two pretty T-bones (closer to Porterhouse steaks) at Food City.   Seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled and then topped with a compound butter using Dizzy Pig Cowlick seasoning.  This was just a quickie. 

While all of this stuff doesn't make it to the blog, I do post almost everything on my Nibble Me This Facebook page .  If you want to see behind the scenes, trial and error kind of stuff, follow that page.