Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Bite Challenge - My Spin

Want an all expenses paid trip to the 2013 Memphis In May BBQ Contest?  Stay tuned until the end of this post. 

Just another reminder that the Kingsford Invitational BBQ contest will be on television March 17 on the  Destination America network at 10PM (Eastern).  That's this Sunday if you don't have a calendar handy.

That contest took the winners of 2012's biggest BBQ events (Memphis in May, Jack Daniels, American Royal, etc) and pitted them against each other for a winner take all $50,000 best of barbecue championship.  One of curve balls about this competition was a "One Bite Challenge" on the opening night.  Not only was this challenge worth a $5,000 bonus but it also gave them a massively important 1 point lead in the overall judging. 
The rules, from what I recall, were that the recipe had to pack in the most flavor
  1. In one bite
  2. with just 5 ingredients 
  3. cooked over a glowing bed of Kingsford coal fired grill in one hour. 
Here is what my attempt would have been in that event.   These are a spin on the "Turtle Eggs" that I normally do with pork sausage and bbq seasonings.  

Greek Turtle Eggs
yield:  12 appetizer portions

  • 1  lb ground chuck
  • 1.5 tsp Greek seasoning
  • 3 oz Neufchatel cheese 
  • 3 oz Feta cheese with tomato and basil
  • 3 oz Non-fat Greek yogurt
  1. Preheat a charcoal grill to 400f.
  2. Mix together 1 oz feta cheese and 3 oz of Greek yogurt together in a food processor until thin and set aside.
  3. Make a quick beef sausage by mixing the ground chuck and 1.5 tsp of Greek seasoning.  
  4. Mix the cheese stuffing by mixing 4 oz of the neufchatel cheese and 2 oz of seasoned Feta.
  5. Divide the meat mixture into 12 equal ping pong ball sized portions (about 1.5 oz each) and press into  disks.   Top each disk with half teaspoon bit of the cheese mixture.  Bring up the edges and seal the seams.
  6. Grill over direct heat for 10 minutes in a grill pan, turning frequently after the first minute.
  7. Serve with the yogurt sauce.
The competitors played a little loose with Rule # 2 by counting things like "BBQ rub" or "Sweet Chile Sauce" as a single ingredient.  So I won't say that I was cheating here.  Let's just say that I "leveraged any ambiguity in the established guidelines in advantage of my favor" by using the Feta cheese that was already loaded with seasonings.

The patty should be the size of a thin small hamburger bun.

One method for cooking meatballs on the grill is a specialized basket.

Another method is using a basic grill pan.

Have an idea of what YOU would make if you had a great prize at stake?  Here is your chance.  Kingsford is giving one lucky winner a trip to the 2013 Memphis In May BBQ Contest.  Just go to and enter the One Bite Challenge giveaway.


  1. I've never seen one of these meatball baskets. Interesting.

    I'd try this with lamb.

  2. Looks great, although I was surprised it wasn't lamb.

  3. Oh my gosh I want that meatball basket! I have a totally irrational desire to possess things that I will probably only use once in my lifetime, if that. Which explains why I have a pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid.

  4. Great meatballs and that's one good basket. Can't wait until the snow is off the deck and grill here to the recipe.

  5. Looks tasty. I'll definitely try it soon. Was that Bob Gibsons white sauce on the presentation plate along with the rough chopped parsley?

  6. I think if you sold this meatball basket on your blog you'd make a fortune...cuz your recipe is a great selling point!

  7. Stephen and Brewella - Lamb is not my thing. I could handle a lamb/beef mix though.

    Pam, Pam, and Mrs L - Got it as a gift and didn't use it for the longest time but turns out it works great. From Williams Sonoma I think.

    Rod - Nope that was Greek Yogurt, feta mixed together. Hey, Heading down to Destin last week of March, what's running?

  8. I've been following your adventures on Facebook and you have really been busy. Sorry I'm a little tardy in getting to your blog. I think I'll pile my plate high, starting with that bacon-wrapped shrimp featured below, add a couple of slices of the pork with that beautiful glaze and end with this Greek turtle bite. Lots of great eats here.

  9. i really want one of those meatball baskets, so cool! the greek spin sounds delicious, i love the feta cheese in the middle, good thinking!

    and i'm sorry i haven't answered your question sooner about the peppers. no blanching, at least i didn't. i liked the crispy crunch!

  10. Yours looks great! Don't know what I would come up with. Will think about it.

  11. I agree, the basket is genius and I'm heading over to Williams Sonoma today to see if they have any left! I'm going to give it to myself for will be my Easter basket...hardy-har-har...

  12. Great spin on the one bite challenge Chris! love the meatball cooker!

  13. I would love to try one of those bites! I love anything with the tangy zip of feta.

    Thanks for the comment about the most delicious meat cubes. They are exactly like Indian carnitas. In fact, I bought the pork shoulder with carnitas in mind but now we've established that we like the Indian meat cubes much better.

  14. I want that basket!!! Those meatballs look amazing and sound delicious with that filling,Chris!

  15. What a cool meatball basket!!! They look delicious Chris - I love the Greek twist to the meatballs.

  16. My grilling skills are not noteworthy . However, you my friend, can easily compete.


  17. Gotta try these soon. Thanks.

  18. Aww love your lil meatball grilling basket! Didn't know they made those! These meatballs look like winners!


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