Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Good Doctor's Pork Chop Glaze

Ugh! Are you kidding me? It's time for football practices already?

Spring practice started for Trev's Pee Wee football team tonight at 6pm so I planned a hearty late lunch that would fuel him through the hour and 1/2 workout: Grilled pork chops, grits, and sugar snap peas.

Start by soaking 4 one inch thick pork chops in a brine for 2-3 hours. The one I made today was water, kosher salt, turbinado sugar, a dried red chili and black peppercorns.

Then rinse and dry the chops. Rub them with your favorite pork rub (make your own like my pork chop rub or use a commercial one).

Grill the chops over a 375f fire for 2 minutes and then flip. Cook for another two minutes and then flip.

Brush them with this glaze that I adapted twice from Dr. Howard Taylor (Dallas, Tx) published in the December 2007 issue of the National BBQ News. Since I have adapted my original adaptation, I wonder if I have totally departed from his recipe or ended up right back at it. Either way, I now call it:

The Good Doctor's Pork Chop Glaze
Source: Adapted from Dr. Howard Taylor
enough for about 8 chops

1/2 cup beer
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 Tbsp lime juice
3/4 tsp allspice
1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp red pepper, ground
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (omit if you're heat sensitive)

Whisk all ingredients together in a small sauce pan, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
Brush the glaze on and cook for another 2 minutes per side (That would be a total of 8 minutes cooking time and the chops should be at an internal temp of 145f. Remove and let rest for 10 minutes.

I know what you're thinking, "Grits? For a lunch side dish?"

But you wouldn't say that about polenta, would you? The key is to get good quality, coarse stone ground grits. Don't use the instant or quick cooking kind. Two totally different products. Alexis bought this bag from Earth Fare and we loved them, some of the best I've ever had. Everyone had seconds at lunch.

The funny thing was, while the grits were cooking, they absorbed all of the liquid (chicken stock/water) when only halfway through cooking so I started to ladle & stir in warm stock throughout the last 15 minutes. Therefore I dubbed this "gritsotto".

I originally planned on adding some cheese to the grits or maybe topping with a sauce, but they didn't need it. The texture and flavor of these grits played an outstanding supporting role to the pork chops.

Quick game of Versus for the comment section:
Flo from Mel's Diner ("Kiss my grits!")
Flo from the Progressive commercials?


  1. 'True Grit' ever watched that movie? They are making a 'remake' by the Cohen Brothers...okay I was trying to think of something funny here, but the frying pan hit me up side the pan!

    Food looks great!

  2. Chris, you can be sure I'm not the person asking about the grits. I love, love, love grits if they are cooked properly (meaning not runny and under salted.) I think they are perfect for these gorgeous chops. Love the flavors in the glaze.

    And kiss my grits is a great phrase. I'd almost forgotten it. It's so versatile.

  3. I cannot find coarse ground grits n this city to save my life. Kiss my grits Flo would kick the ever lovin grits out of Progressive Flo.

  4. The comments don't seem to be working. Do you see this? Testing, testing

  5. I could eat those for breakfast!

  6. You're right about two different products. I like the real whole kernal stone ground grits. Your plated presentation looks excellent.

  7. My mister's a southern boy, born and bred, and I like to channel Scarlett every chance I get so we love grits - but I've never thought about serving them for anything except breakfast! I have a hard time finding grits locally so I order mine from here: They are amazing! I like "gritsotto"...might have to steal that one and I'm going to try your glaze - sounds great! xo, Nan

  8. Those chops look awesome! I'm dating myself, but I've never actually seen whatever show "kiss my grits" is from. So I'm going to have to go with Progressive Flo. Heh.

  9. Sauce sounds great! Pork looked pretty good, too..

  10. This a good site for buying Stone Ground Grits:

  11. Your pork chops look pretty great! I can hardly stand the thought of football now with baseball just getting started. Love that summer thing!

  12. "Kiss my grits" Flo - hands down! Remember how she use to chomp on that bubblegum? Hilarious.

    Brining the boneless chops is brillant and the glaze sounds terrific.

  13. Okay you had me at grits! I hate to show my roots. After all I have worked so hard cultivating my So-Cal persona. But sometimes it's good to proudly flaunt my Hillbilly roots. Grits is one of those times! Also I know there is some sort of joke to be made about pig skin and football and pork-chops, why can't I come up with it? GREG

  14. Chris, I love a good pork chop. I can't wait to try the good doctor's recipe. Thanks. I've got mixed feelings on grits. I was raised where they were at every breakfast joint, but mostly runny and all over your plate. If you get them in the gritsotto style where they're nice and thick, hearty and flavorful, there's nothing like them.

  15. Oh you totally had me at the grits..I could eat them any time of day :) The chops looked good too..but yeah, grits YUM

  16. I just bought some stone ground grits all the way up here in NYC! They are indeed the best!

  17. I see no reason not to eat grits for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or snacks. Every hour. Throughout the day.

    This pork chop looks absolutely delicious. I'm willing to bet your son was super fueled with a meal like this.

  18. Beautiful post! I'm just starting to appreciate marinades for grilled meats so I'm going to try your version of the good Doctor's chop marinade. Love the idea of grits treated like risotto, too.
    I'm old school. I loved the old Flo - she was so shocking with all her pluck and spirit. I can still hear her voice calling to 'Meh-ul' in the kitchen.

  19. These look like some super special pork chops! Especially with the gritsotto. A delicious treat for lunch. I'm all about 'kiss my grits' sassy Flo.

  20. Football? Already? Dang.
    Ever used your special pork chop sauce on anything other than pork chops?

  21. Hey! Gave your blog link to some of my personal Facebook friends as a EGGxpert! Just in case you see some new faces.

    Brining pork chops for the grill is the way to go - and yes! Of course grits as a side dish!! Nice glaze.

    Mel's Diner Flo. :)

  22. I know my roots are in the south but I've never cooked grits before...oh wait. I made a breakfast casserole thingy with grits but that doesn't really count. I want the ones you made! I bet the chicken stock was really good in it. (and I would've added the cheese anyway cuz thats the way I roll haha)

  23. That glaze sounds amazing!!!I didn't eat grits yet;-)

  24. Mel's diner Flo for sure!

    What a great dinner you made - your son is very lucky!

  25. Looks good!

    I haven't had grits since I was a kid on a trip to Florida. And everytime I hear about them I think of the movie "My Cousin Vinnie" and how no respectable Southerner would use instant grits.


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