Thursday, August 13, 2009

Non Crabby Corn and Potatoes

This one is a crab boil....minus the crab...and the boil.I came up with it as a side dish to the grilled chicken main dish I was doing tonight. It rocks with flavor, it's easy to grill, and it can make a fun presentation when serving on a patio table.

Non-Crabby Corn and Potatoes

3 ears yellow corn, shucked, cut into thirds
4 ea red bliss potatoes, large, cut into 1" pieces
1 ea lemon
1/4 c beer
1 T parsley, fresh chopped
Old Bay seasoning to taste
1/4 lb butter (1/4 lb = 1 stick)

In a mixing bowl, fork and juice the lemon over the corn and potatoes. Add the lemon halves to the mix.

Add the 1/4 cup beer to the mix. Liberally apply the remaining 10 ounces of beer to the cook (repeat as necessary to achieve desired effect).

Toss with the parsley and Old Bay seasoning. Use more Old Bay than you think you'll need, as most of it will steam off.Place the mixture on a double piece of aluminum foil. Top the mixture with the butter pieces.

Top with another double piece of foil and roll each of the 4 sides up tightly, to retain the juices.

Place over direct heat on a grill burning about 350-400f. Cook for 10 minutes and then flip the foil package. Cook for another 10 minutes (20 min total).
Excuse the photo. It was night time and I only had one daylight CFL lamp out there.

After the flip, if the foil pouch looks like it is about to go Jiffy Pop on you, you can prick the top with a fork, temp probe or toothpick to let a little steam escape.

Safety tip: Be careful when opening the foil pack, the steam will rush out and can cause burns. Wear steam proof mitts or use something like a skewer to open it.
The corn and potatoes were perfectly steamed tender but not mushy. The spicy kick of the Old Bay seasoning, the sharpness of the lemon juice, and butter play well together.

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