Sunday, August 9, 2009

MAPP Gas - C'mon Baby Light My Fire !

Whether you are grilling or barbecuing, there are lots of ways to start your fire.
Gassers just push a button (for the first month anyway, after that the ignition switch goes bad and they start playing the "start the gas flow and drop in a match" game).

Charcoal users can use things like
  • lighter fluid or Matchlight (that is so wrong, just my $.02)
  • starter cubes (blocks of wax and sawdust)
  • chimneys (starts coal without chemicals, using newspaper)
  • electric starter burners
But my starter of choice is MAPP gas. It's fast, readily available at hardware stores, and can be used for plumbing & other things around the house. Plus, to be honest, it's just fun! It's as simple as holding the flame over 3 areas of coal in your fire box for 20 seconds each. Voila!

I had to replace my MAPP gas unit this week. The trigger assembly of my old one died and Alexis got me the new, improved Benzomatic TS-8000.

Here it is next to my old torch for comparison.
The differences
  • larger capacity
  • lower center of gravity - it's less likely to get knocked over
  • gas flow control knob - so I don't have to use as much gas
  • "Green key" - lets you safely purge the cylinder for recycle
My favorite safety rules from the package
  • "Never point torch towards face, other persons, or flammable objects."
  • "Never attempt to use torch as a cigarette lighter."
  • "Never attempt to repair or heat a gasoline tank, a chemical drum, an aerosol can, or any other container containing a flammable liquid or gas."
I tested it out last night and the shorter package also makes it easier to maneuver while lighting coal inside the Big Green Egg. I like it better than the old one.

Since I had a fire going, I used my pork rub (see the Porkus Chopus Maximus post) on a pair of pork tenderloins and grilled them using direct heat at 350f for 7 minutes a side (21 minutes total). I pulled them off at 140f internal and they were crispy on the outside, yet just a hint of pink on the thicker pieces*.*Don't freak out. Today's pork is leaner and cleaner. If you take it to 165f, it'll be powdery dry, blech!


  1. Oh cig lighting? LOL I imagine it would omit the need of an eyebrow wax...or mustache trimming.

  2. We call them Turner Tornadoes(propane torch) I use my chimney, or just a douse of charcoal fluid starter and a butane lighter...

  3. I have to admit that I do love my MAPP gas torch... Makes lighting the Egg and our campfires so much easier, and there's something uniquely satisfying about it... I've heard rumors about attempts to ban them, here's hoping they're just rumors.

  4. Can you believe our gas grill is 9 years old and the ignition still works! We paid for it though, it's all cast iron and stainless steel and has a lifetime warranty.

    I am not showing my husband this poast, the last thin I need is him owning a torch - lol!

  5. This looks like the hand-held version of a weed burner. I saw one of those in action at a comp this weekend and have to admit that there are some real pluses to getting the fire going in a hurry.

  6. Great post. I've been using my DIY charcoal chimney, but I have to admit, the MAPP gas looks, FUN. So you just point and shoot and you've got fire? Sweet.

  7. Oh my goodness! Feel free to edit me... but sometimes I think we are the same person. You straight, me gay. GREG

  8. Who cares about the heat source, I want a piece of that grilled goodnes, and I want it now! I am drooling and about to ruin my laptop!

  9. Congrats on your blog address!! :D Now I really gotta do mine. : p


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