Sunday, October 3, 2010

Confetti Corn Relish & Rice

I scored some wood for smoking yesterday morning. The skies were bright blue and the air crisp as I drove the 40 miles out to Larry's place at Almost Heaven. We made quick work of two of his fruit trees and then loaded my trunk with peach, hickory, pear, and bradford pear woods.

When we were done, we talked about....well, just about everything. We talked about BBQ, family, cooking, travels, chain saws, products, and even some of you guys. That's the great thing about bloggers, we become friends with people we wouldn't have even met before. It was like we were just two neighbors chatting over the fence.

Anyway, thanks Larry for stocking up my wood pile!

Tonight I made a side dish that has been on my "try soon list" for quite some time - confetti corn relish. It was a great side dish to go with the grilled chipolte lime ribeyes that I made and Alexis' southwestern yeast rolls. I thought I'd take the opportunity to be a goofball and make another video too.

Confetti Corn Relish & Rice
source: Adapted from Southern Living

1 Tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 cup sweet onion, diced
1 cup red pepper, seeded and diced
1 cup corn kernels
1 ea jalapeno pepper, seeded and diced
2 Tbsp cilantro, chopped
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper ground
1/4 tsp cumin

1 cup long grain rice
1 3/4 cup water
1/4 cup white wine

Cook your rice until done, about 18-20 minutes.

After taking your steaks off of the grill, put a wok or cast iron pan on the grill and add 1 Tbsp of oil (butter, bacon fat, oil, etc). Add the diced onion and cook, stirring often for 2-3 minutes.

Add the red pepper and jalapeno, continuing to simmer for another 2-3 minutes.

Remove from heat and mix in the cilantro mixture, tossing to coat.

Serve over rice.

Alexis and I both thought this was a very good side dish. It has just a little kick from the jalapeno but you could substitute green bell pepper (about 1/4 cup) if you don't like the heat.


  1. I was afraid this would look like creamed corn when I saw the name. Happily,it does not. :)

  2. I'll do this with extra cilantro..and no meat on the side ;-). Looks very good.

  3. Beautiful photo... fancy with the video... excellent post.

  4. I'm a little picky about rice but this colorful rice can be perfect for a beef that is at the oven. Amazing the video!

    Chris you should put some description at youtube for a better finding of the search engines.



  5. This looks so yummy...I love that it's served over rice. Chain saws??

  6. This will go perfect with Lemon Lime Pepper Chicken next week. Thanks for a great recipe.

  7. Chris!

    The deck looks awesome! And so did the grilling. And I love it when you use the wok on the BGE. Great post.

  8. Hey! I love fall and I LOVE making soups, stews, and roasts.

    The corn relish and rice sounds fantastic...I bet it was terrific with those beautiful ribeyes. Another great video (except for your fall bashing);-)

  9. Love your videos, Chris. I had to back it up and replay when you said the egg temperature was "prettydamnhot" . . . lol. The dish looks divine as always.

  10. Great video! This corn dish looks really good, love the addition of jalapeno. Another recipe bookmarked. I was going to make fun of you for wearing fleece at 57 degrees by saying something like "we're still in shorts at that temp here in the Rocky Mountains"...but decided against it. :-) I trust I made the "talked about" list. :-) As always, great post Chris.


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