Sunday, October 10, 2010

Man vs Food: Knoxville

I would never eat 95% of the challenges that Adam Richman takes on in his Man vs. Food series on Travel Channel. There is just way to much heat (spice) and heap (massive quantities).

But I enjoy watching Man Vs Food. I like learning about the places Adam visits, especially the joints before the one with the challenge. I kind of feel bad for Richman when he has beads of sweat on his forehead from eating something with bhut jolokia but I have to laugh at his whacky facial expressions and phrases.

Anyway, Adam came through Knoxville and the Man Vs. Food: Knoxville episode is this Wednesday, October 13th at 9PM EST. (Photos courtesy of

He visited several places in town but the challenge portion is at Sweet P's BBQ. I've had Sweet P's before when they catered our neighborhood pool party a few years ago. They made pretty good BBQ, I remember liking the brisket and hot wings. In talking with them I found out they had made the wings on a Big Green Egg. No surprise that I liked them!

I'm looking forward to seeing his visit to Ktown. Check it out this Wednesday.