Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sage and Cheddar Beer Bread

I don't think yesterday could have been any more perfect. The brilliant blue sky made it easy to be in a good mood. The weather was cool enough to leave the deck door wide open while we cooked outside. I had some college football game on the television but the sound turned down and the stereo playing our favorite old compact disks. We were just enjoying each others company on a gorgeous day.

To top it all off at the end of the day the smell of fresh baked bread was in the air. Alexis had her first cook on her Big Green Egg and made Girlichef's Sage & Cheddar Beer Bread.

Sage & Cheddar Beer Bread
Girlichef adapted from Farmgirl Fare

2 1/2 c. unbleached ap flour
1/2 c. whole wheat flour
1 Tbs.sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 Tbs. baking powder
2 1/2 Tbs. fresh Sage, chopped
1 c. sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
12 oz. beer, at room temp.
1 egg
2 Tbs. water

Heat oven to 375° F. Combine flours, sugar, salt, baking powder, sage, and cheddar in large bowl. Slowly stir in beer and mix just until combined. Batter will be thick. Spread in a greased loaf pan. Beat the egg and water together and brush gently over top of loaf. Bake until golden, ~45 mins.

Cool in the pan on a rack for 10 minutes, then remove bread from pan and cool it directly on rack until ready to serve... either warm or at room temp.

Alexis had her Egg set up as a coal fired convection oven - plate setter in with the legs down. The "plate setter" is a thick ceramic insert for the Big Green Egg used for indirect cooking. They also fit in the Big Steel Keg (f.k.a. Bubba Keg). Can you tell which one is mine and which one is hers?
She had a pizza stone already in there from the cookies she baked earlier....

so she just put her stoneware loaf pan on top of that.

The temps were a little low at first (350f) but she got them back to 375f by opening the bottom vent a little. Because of that dip, it ended up taking right at 1 hour to bake.

While she was baking that, I used my Egg to make my European Street Style Beer Cheese Soup in a Lodge #12 cast iron dutch oven. I followed that recipe as previously written but did one thing differently. I cooked three slices of bacon in the dutch oven first, removed them and used that oil for sauteing the mirepoix.

This was the perfect meal to end the perfect day.

The beer cheese soup was velvety (yet no Velveeta, tyvm) and rich with just a slight kick from the Fire Ant Juice. The beer bread was a joy to bite into. My choice of beverage for dinner? Why beer of course!


  1. Yum!! That's totally my kinda day =) I really want to try your sounds perfect! I'm glad you guys liked the bread, too!! Way to go, Alexis! Thanks for the props ;)

  2. What a lovely post, Chris. You communicated the grooviness of the day quite well and the food looks divine. In my mind's eye I can see a cross-stitch that declares, "The Family that Grills Together, Chills Together." :)

  3. Bread and soup both sound excellent and I put both on my try list, but my favorite was "Alexis had HER egg set up ..." A family that eggs together stays together :-).

  4. I LOVE that she baked the bread in the Egg! How awesome is that? The plate with soup and bread looks fantastic!

  5. Looks wonderful, course I did first think it was Sage and Cheddar Bear Bread.

  6. it all looks so wonderful, i have to try that bread!

  7. the bread looks great! I am going to try it.

  8. Now I am really hungry. Great article n pics. Cyndi

  9. Yummy! If I had some sage I might make this for tomorrow. Wonder how it works with basil.

  10. Great bread. I will have to try this one. Nice blog.

  11. Now that is sweet...his and her eggs...glad you did not have to lay them :) Although if you had to keep it warm and protect it while she was gone to feed, I am sure you could handle the job Chris!

  12. What a great post Chris. I'm so impressed with this bread from the Egg. Can't wait to hear about more of Alexis' egg creations...of course yours too. I love that soup. We had temps in the 70's today, I'm in the mood for some fall food.

  13. Very impressive!! How cute...the two of you playing together with your bge's!!!

  14. You know a day is a good day when it ends not only with homemade bread, but with a girlichef recipe. Life is good.

    This looks fantastic. Cheddar, sage, BEER. Can't go wrong.

  15. If they're anything like the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster, I'm in!

  16. Looks amazing! I'm can't wait to see what else you bake in the new BGE!

    Kim in MD

  17. Hey! Don't you go knocking our endeared Velveeta ya hear?? ;)

    Sounds like a fantastic day. I was actually in the company of a Green Egg myself this weekend? :) And we actually had some milder temps down here too for a change - so glad FINALLY! Course, it's warming right back up and it's a few weeks before summer is gone officially and even longer down here, so I'll take the cooler days as they come!

    Need to try this bead recipe. A friend of ours gave us some beer bread - his was way too sweet for my taste though. Hubs drinks no alcohol so he refused to touch it. Guess who ate most of it? ;)

    Have a great week Chris!

  18. As always, awesome. The weather was beautiful this weekend. I am hoping that means that Fall is just around the cooler. I need some cooler air. I am ready to open the windows.

    Tomorrow, you have to check out my Wordless Wednesday. This photo from a fellow food blogger will really touch the grill man in you.

  19. What a delicious and comforting meal! The bread caught my eye on Heather's site too - looks fantastic alongside your soup.

  20. Cookies, bread and soup all on the BGE. Now I'm hungry again. Looks wonderful... great jobs.

  21. The cookies and beer bread look mighty tasty but I have to say, the soup has me drooling! You can't beat cooking veggies in bacon grease.

  22. Isn't the beer bread wonderful? I love it and have made it more than a few times since my first attempt. You know I'm not much of a baker but this comes out perfect every time - it's good with cheese and without. If you haven't tried it yet be sure to toast some buttered slices under the broiler!


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