Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beef Back Ribs (aka dino bones)

I've done beef back ribs several times now and I've learned something the past two times.

Consider this a partial retraction. There is a difference between "done" and "ready".

The first two times I smoked them and at two hours the were "done". "Done" as in safe to eat. They tasted good and we enjoyed them.

But recently I decided to smoke them for the 4+ hours that others did. I committed to cooking them that long and if they sucked, then oh well. (pic of my 11 y/o basting the ribs)

To my surprise, they didn't dry out, they kept their taste and damn, they were tender as could be. So while our beef ribs before had been "done" they weren't "ready".

Today I tried making them using Adam Perry Lang's higher temp method in his recent book, BBQ 25. Tons of thanks to WhiteTrashBBQ for hosting the giveaway that put this book in my paws.

Even though it was a higher temp cook than traditional low and slow, I still sported wood. I buried a nice chunk of cherry wood at the bottom of the coals and set one on top. Fruit woods like cherry and apple give more color to your meat.

Of course, I made my alterations to the rubs and seasonings but his process produced the best beef ribs we have had so far.

Here's how they turned out.

We served them with garlic mashed potatoes and yeast rolls that Alexis made on her Egg.

What do you mean "No vegetables?"......don't you see the chives sprinkled on the mashed potatoes?

Alexis and I both agreed that this is THE technique we will use for beef back ribs from now on.

This is my submission to Tailgating Time over at Martha's Seaside Simplicity. If you have a tailgate type food posted, get over there and link up.


  1. You are truly the grill master! I'm not even sure I know how to turn my grill on.

  2. Each time you do beef ribs they look better and after this great video, I think I can use the technique to turn out some good ones - which I never have. Your plate shot makes me want to lick my computer screen.

  3. Chris, I hadn't thought of it that way, but there IS a difference between "done" and "ready" and it probably applies to more things than just your ribs. I'm going to remember it as, "Chris told me that".

    Alexis is getting quite clever with what she cooks on her egg. Maybe she should have a blog too.

  4. Debbi:
    Ha ha! I'm sure you can. Grills are a very health way to cook.

    Thanks man. Sending you an email, next Sat is good for cutting up that wood.

    I know, I told her she should. She's just having a blast baking, I need to up my exercise. Hope you and Meakin are having a great weekend.

  5. Yum. Those ribs look fabulous. I have the Barbecue 25 book, and it really is a handy one.

    I had to laugh about your pig comment on my blog. Too funny!

  6. That's one good looking meal! Everything looks SO delicious and those ribs are absolutely amazing! Yep, I'm still waiting for Alexis to start her own blog too. See you this afternoon at Tailgating Time :-)

  7. Meat and potatoes... and a roll to hold the butter

    if the roll was wrapped in bacon, it would be a well balanced meal

  8. I'm glad to see you're enjoying the book. The ribs look fantastic and the video was great. A quick question - were you cooking in a sudden downpour? Right when you put the ribs back on the egg it sounds like rain is hitting the tent. I don't know if it's my imagination, but it always seems meat cooked in the rain comes out more moist!

  9. These look wonderful. We'll have to pick up that book. I just showed my husband your post and now I think I know what we're eating today!

  10. Love my ribs and these look soooooooooo amazing. I like them to fall off the bone too!

  11. Grill Girl:
    I'm glad you liked that one, it seemed appropriate under the circumstances:)

    The link up worked fine this time.

    See? That is what I thought!

    No, actually, that was the drippings hitting the drip pan when I put the ribs back on. I wasn't thinking about the higher temps (325) so the 1/2 steam pan sitting on a heated ceramic stone for 2 1/2 hours had gotten pretty damn hot. It took me by surprise too because it doesn't happen at 225f. Next time I'll add water to the drip pan to avoid that.

    Design Wine & Dine:
    It is an excellent book. I like that it is smaller and has thick pages that don't blow in the wind. It's physically designed for use outside.

    They were tender and delicious.

  12. Amazing Video, really made me happy to see. Was so hungry after it was over. Cheers, APL

  13. Oh wow, that first picture are some of the best looking ribs I've ever seen. I'm really embarrassed I make mine in the crock pot, lol. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'm glad you did as I'm getting a chance to check out all your great grill recipes. Enjoy your day!

  14. That last picture of yours practically undid me. Man, those look amazing. I have to say, I am LOVING the new look of your blog!

  15. I'm not normally a beef ribs kind of person, but those do look good.

    I have a question for you and your readers, Chris. Is there such a thing as too much smoke in your food? My husband brought home some double smoked bacon from a well known smokehouse, and eating the bacon was like eating cigarette butts. Surely, it wasn't supposed to taste like that. So, can it be overdone?

  16. Who needs vegetables when you have perfect ribs like these?!? You did a great job in the video.

  17. Yes, I'll have some please!! Wow, those look great, Chris. And yes, i would have to agree about the done and ready concept. I have found out recently just how different they are! I know I said it before, but I'm LOVING that Alexis is baking with the egg...the rolls look delicious!

  18. These ribs look so delicious...I haven't tried the beef ribs on my grill yet-I don't know why either. That's gotta change now!
    Potatoes are a vegetable too, maybe not a green vegetable, but still the same, and they look yummy.

  19. These ribs look incredible, Chris! I love your tutorial videos. You make grilling on the BGE look so easy- makes me wish I had one! Alexis's rolls look amazing, too!

    Kim in MD

  20. Nice!! What I wouldn't give to be lickin' my fingers after eating a plate of these! YUM.

  21. Shame on you! This post just makes be sad that I'm unable to grill out in NYC. Beautiful work with those ribs.

  22. I was just thinking that Alexis should have her own blog and I see someone else thought the same! Your ribs look awesome! Thanks for all the tips.

  23. Hi Chris,
    I know I already commented here but wanted to pop back in and thank you for linking up to Tailgating Time :-)

  24. Hi Chris,
    I'm back - and slowly working my way through my blog backlog. (You have some great posts that I will take time to read.) These ribs look outstanding and the two white sides look sinful and delicious - a perfect combination. Hot buttered cloverleaf rolls are one of my all-time favorites.

  25. I made these today, all the while my other half was whining about not liking beef ribs at all. I told him to just get the grill going for me and the apple wood in it and to just not touch it after that. He took a little nap while I went to town and followed your instructions to a tee. I have to say, these were awesome! I was really proud of myself and I think "the other half" has learned his lesson; women can grill and make something bla to Wow! Thanks for the recipe!

  26. Hi Chris: I am going to make Beef Back Ribs for the first time today. I came here first for instructions, and I'm so excited to see this. Thank you for your how-to . . . I'll let you know how it goes!

  27. The ribs look amazing...and that purdy little pink ring..yum yum yum! Talk about no veggies, I had a bbq one time and bought 10 lbs chicken thighs, 15 or 20 burgers, 2 lbs of sausage. Veggies? 1 lb of potato salad. Funny though, no one complained.

  28. i've about blown through my first bag of BGE lump in one week of ownership cooking pizzas and your recipes....these ribs combined with the rub(s) outlined here had an amazing taste. A smidge tough and fatty, but thats more on me not having a discerning eye for my beef yet. Plus it was 9 o'clock so "done" had to suffice, otherwise i would have let them hang out in the foil longer to see if i could get it to "ready" as you would say.

  29. I've made these several times based on your recipe and they are awesome. Kudos, sir, from Atlanta, GA.

  30. I tried the method above from APL’s bbq 25 book. The flavor was great, but they came out a little over done/crispy texture. I might try doing an hour for each stage next time.


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