Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review: Waring Pro Waffle Maker

Many years ago my parents bought us our first waffle maker, an Oster. We used it relentlessly and it finally expired last year shortly after this post about the waffle recipe we use.

We finally got around to buying its replacement last month, a Waring Pro Double Waffle Maker (Model WMK600). We bought it at Sam's Club for $64.88. That seems to be a pretty good price to what I've seen online so I thought I'd let you know in case you were in the market for one. [Standard Disclaimer]

I have used it twice and I'm pleased with it's performance.

Some of the things I like about it are:
  • Can do twice as many waffles in the same amount of time. That's my favorite part because no one wants to be sitting around waiting for waffles on a Saturday morning.
  • It has audible and visual signals to let you know when it is preheated and when a waffle is finished cooking.
  • It has a variable control for how crispy you want them.
  • It is entertaining to flip the rotating part. Yes, I still play with my food.
  • The non-stick cooking surfaces area seasoned well.
  • The exterior surface is easy to clean.
The few downsides are
  • It is a bit bulky and takes up storage space, but most waffle makers do.
  • The first time I used it, the top part popped open during cooking but I might have slightly over filled it.
When I do waffles on the weekend, I usually make a few extra that are a touch underdone and keep them in a zip top bag in the fridge. Then on Mon/Tues, Trevor can have a quick waffle breakfast by just popping them in the toaster. Much better than Eggos!

Update 12/26/10: I have now been using this waffle maker for three months at least every other weekend. It has worked like a champ and turns out some great waffles.

I have one of those, "Is it just me?" type of questions.

For pancakes, I prefer real maple syrup, Grade B if I have a choice. But for waffles , I have the hots for Ms. Butterworth or other "regular" syrup as Trevor calls it.

Maple syrup just doesn't taste right on waffles to me. Is it just me?


  1. Thanks for the tip and I agree that buttered syrup tastes better on waffles!!

  2. I love Mrs. Butterworth's! I do sugar free on both pancakes and waffles when Chicken Legs makes them. I don't usually cook "fancy" breakfast like that.

    Great tip on undercooking the waffles so they can be reheated!

  3. I've wondered about these - good to hear a positive review and no it's not just you - something about Mrs. B that fills those waffle dimples and clings to the sides :D

  4. Um, yeah. It might be just you. But that's okay, I won't judge. These waffles look too awesome for judgment.

  5. Good butter would be my choice. Irish Gold is the very best. I'm not much of a syrup person or waffle eater either and much prefer pancakes. Go figure.

  6. It's not just you...my family feels the same way about maple syrup on waffles! There is something just not right about it!

    Kim in MD

  7. That's the waffle maker I almost bought!! I wonder if I had one like that if I would make them more often...it's pretty slick!!

  8. I have two of those waffle makers. I use them in tandem when I have breakfast parties or a lot of family in town. They are quite handy, though I agree they take up a lot of room.

  9. The last time I made waffles, my waffle maker was a toaster.
    Don't ask. This way is much better. ~Mary

  10. I take 3 parts peanut butter and 1 part butter, put it in the microwave and heat it til it is at a sauce-like consistency and pour it over my waffles/pancakes. There's a lot of yumms in there.

  11. I like "regular" syrup on both my waffles and my pancakes. You are just half wacky, I've gone all the way ;-)

    I really should look into getting one of these with one of my CSN credits. I've never made my own waffles!

  12. I'm an aunt Jemima Fan myself LOL. :) Great pics as always!

  13. We are big waffle fans in our house. We usually serve them with fresh whipped cream and fresh fruit but when we do want syrup we usually use (Gulp!) Cary's sugar free syrup - I grew up with it and it just tastes right to me.

  14. I must say, that piece of equipment looks like it's made for someone who means serious waffle business. ok, I have a confession, I don't think I've ever had a waffle. A pancake here and there, but no waffles. I honestly think I thought there was no difference in taste??? Same batter?

  15. Can't help with the syrup question, but the waffles look delicious - I like the double machine.

  16. These homemade waffles look fantastic Chris! That waffle maker definitely earns it's space. I'm down with any type of maple syrup. I don't discriminate;-)

  17. Wish I had room for that waffle maker in my tiny little kitchen, but I have every cabint and drawer filled, as well as all my space over the refrigerator. So when I have a waffle fix, I will come here.

  18. I think it's just you! I love maple syrup and extra butter on my waffles. Your maker looks nice - way better than my ancient one.

  19. After reading reviews about double waffle makers I'm thinking about buying this exact one! I don't mind the bulkiness but I'm worried that it's difficult to clean up. Does the batter spill easily? It looks like it would go all over the place when it does!

    1. If you mean, does the batter spill out when you flip the waffle maker, no, I've never had that happen. The only time the batter spills is if I am clumsy and miss where I am pouring it, user error.

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