Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shellfish Saturday

Alexis and I had a fun date night last night. Our youngest son had a sleepover birthday party and our older son had a date with his girlfriend. So we had dinner at Dead End BBQ. A month after opening, they seem to be doing well on our third visit. We had a 15 minute wait for seating and the quality of the food was very good again.

We we're going to see Men Who Stare At Goats but the reviews were so mixed that I just wasn't sure if I wanted to see it or not. Anybody see it yet?

Instead, we went to Sidesplitters Comedy Club and caught April Macie's show. She was hilarious. Raunchy as can be (she has an "irreverent brand of overtly sexual humor"), but completely hilarious.

Speaking of comedy, anyone remember the 80's song "Wet Dream" by Kip Adotta? It was full of fish puns like "Abalone, you're just being shellfish!" Well, today was.....
On the menu was (Yes, we actually have a small menu chalkboard in our kitchen)

Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Basil Stuffing
Seared Scallops with Japanese Steakhouse-style Golden Shrimp Sauce
Ruth's Chris Steak House Barbecue Shrimp (New Orleans Style)

The Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Basil Stuffing is from Chris Lilly's Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book published this May.

I was so lucky that I got to meet and assist Mr. Lilly prepping for a BBQ cooking class earlier this year and this was one of the dishes he presented. You can google the recipe name but what you'll find is not the same as how it appears in the book. The process is the same but the sauce is not. You can buy the book online, but here's a hint about the ingredients though.
Notice all of the page tabs I have marked in the book in the above picture? That's because it's a great BBQ book and those are the recipes I want to try. It is a great read for both the novice and experienced BBQ enthusiast. (hint hint Christmas present for your Q friends.)

Two other tips he gave were
1) use THIN bacon with this dish and
2) cut the bacon on a bias like this. It gives you two long sides an inch longer than if you just cut it straight in half. That gives you a edge piece to tuck in and secure the wrapped bacon.

Another tip Mr. Lilly passed on was press down on the assembled shrimp to flatten it a bit so it will stand upright on its own before your put it on the grill. So when you put them together, make sure they can stand up. You don't want to be fiddling with them over a 400f fire.

Kinda look like synchronized swimmers here, don't they?

After cooking indirect for the 14 minutes at 400f, dip them in the sauce

and put them back on for 3 more minutes.

Mine were good....

But were not near as good as the ones that Chris Lilly made. The shrimp was perfectly done and the flavor was perfect, but the bacon was not crisp like his was. He didn't pre-cook the bacon that I saw, so I'm thinking the bacon I used wasn't thin enough.

I'll post the other two recipes later this week. Right now I'm busy smoking my wife's huge butt.

I mean, she brought home a 10.5 lb pork butt (butt of the shoulder, not the pig's ass) and I'm smoking that hunk o' oink for the next 15 hours for some bodacious pulled pork.


  1. they looks to die for, thanks for the recipe will definately try this soon

  2. This meal sounds delicious and I can't wait for the rest of the recipes. I have a bacon wrapped shrimp recipe that has a jalapeno hiding inside the shrimp. It's one of my favorite things to make. I am glad to have another version. I love the chalkboard in the kitchen. I might have to copycat that idea.

  3. This looks exceptionally delicious! I have chipotle shrimp on the menu for today :-)
    I've done bacon wrapped shrimp more than a few times, the bacon does have to be exceptionally thin to crisp up by the time the shrimp is done. I've used the ready crisp bacon with good results too since it's partially precooked.

  4. PS - enjoy your wife's big butt ;-)

  5. Killer. Thin bacon is required sometimes- the good cooks know this.. If I made fun of my wife's butt, we would be having a weenie roast... Sleep lightly my friend...

  6. I shrimp look great. I'm going to have to try Dead End's chicken. They won the category at Lenoir City and again this weekend at Shelbyville, NC against 80+ teams and some heavy hitters.

  7. LOL!!! Pork butt's my fave...I could go for pulled pork right now. Those shrimp look killer to me. And I LOVE, LOVE your new look...the header is awesome :D

  8. Mmmm. Pork butt. I love the new look - AWESOME header! The shrimp are calling my name... they look delicious.

  9. Love the new layout Chris! Funny, I just reverted to one of the standard blogger layouts yesterday, just couldn't get things the way I wanted them to show up - I think it's my old monitor that's the problem more than it is the newer layouts. Oh well, maybe I'll get Santa to bring me a new monitor this year :-)
    Have a great week!

  10. Chris, what a BEAAAUUUTIFUL layout. I'm in love. Sigh. I mean, aside from the food in the header. ; ) Couldn't you have picked like fried chicken or something? Ooor maybe like home made ice cream. YUMMMM

    I hate shrimp. You suck.

    Make something I want.


    (now you see why I've stopped commenting so much, I complain every time haha)

  11. A most attractive uncircumcised shrimp shot indeed. Im betting its delicious, but I do have an issue with the size;)

  12. PS.. your new blog look is AWESOME!!

  13. Great new layout, Chris. I love the photography here, and always leave hungry.

    DON'T go see the Men/Goat movie. I saw it yesterday and thought it was a complete waste of a great cast. I couldn't even tell friends at dinner what it was about, since there wasn't a plot and the ending made no sense.

    Scott - (troutman on BGE forum)

  14. holy're sooo making me hate it eve more that I can't eat shellfish!!!

  15. Man, I wish I had access to that kind of seafood!

    My brother saw the movie and he loved it!


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