Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I only have a few minutes because I have a lot to do today. I'm doing some shopping, taking Trevor to see Blind Side, and sadly, it is Black Friday because I am having to go to the Egg dealer because of this....

I noticed the hairline crack between the two pictured vent holes on November 7th but now the fire box has really cracked as you can see going up from the right hole.

It's not a big deal because A) it is covered under the Big Green Egg's lifetime warranty and B) it is still totally functional, it didn't stop me from making our rib roast yesterday.

So I'm going to enjoy a quick leftover Sausage and Swiss Muffin that I got from Steph over at Plain Chicken and then I'm hitting the road. These were really good for breakfast yesterday, quite hearty, and did I mention, easy?

In the mean time, ya'll check out this hilarious video by Brandon Kinney. It's about the very special relationship between a man and his cooker (smoker/grill). Perhaps too special.....

Yes Brandi, I know, I'm a dork:)


  1. That was hysterical Chris!
    Sorry to hear your egg is cracked - that just doesn't sound right does it? By the way, doesn't she have a name? She really should!
    Good luck out there on Black Friday. I'm not leaving the house if I can help it!

  2. LMAO at that video...kind of redneck, like we all have a little of that in us! Oh the jokes are flying in my house... Great post, but I am sorry about your 'Black' Friday problems...she is easy and pl-easy when I won't some...I like to poke her, oh my gosh Chris!

  3. a great video to post... how brave shopping today. My job is to guard the leftovers while my wife is out

  4. I lost my Brinkman's vent plate at the last BB-Q cook-off, and have to try a get one before Christmas! Surprising to me that cracked, as the heat you run at wouldn't even anneal it if it was steel.. is it cast iron, or ceramic? I did this stuff for a living, and I'm kind of interested in what happened..

  5. LOL!!! I am glad it's covered by warranty...otherwise, it'd be a bit of a tragedy.

  6. Sorry about the crack. Doesn't sound good to have a crack in your egg. Our house doesn't like Thanksgiving. Last year our septic system backed up and we had to take everything to a friends house to cook and eat and this year the dishwasher went on the fritz. And now we can't get to Chattanooga - another rock slide on the Ocoee Gorge road. Think we're doomed over here in NC?

    Hope you have some $'s left after your Black Friday shopping spree.

  7. I cranked that video up full blast and we all had a good laugh. Thanks. Happy Turkey weekend.


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