Friday, June 26, 2009

Funday Friday

It was "take your grill to work" day today, so I had my brother in law drag my Brinkmann's Professional Charcoal Grill to work for me. Two chimneys of Kingsford had that cranking at 600f ! I grilled easy burgers & dogs, the staff brought sides, and the company had all the condiments, drinks, etc. After we all had a nice lunch and dessert, we washed all of our cars right there in the parking lot for the afternoon.
I think we ended up washing 12 or 13, I lost track. It was stupid, yet fun....better than actually working this afternoon.

I'm a bit tan, quite tired, and I'm sitting in my office with damp underwear...this had better be Friday afternoon, because if it's Monday morning, it's going to be a looooong week.


  1. I say the man who hauls his grill there and cooks the meat shouldn't have to wash his car, it should be washed for him. They pay those guys with hot trucks a lot of money for the food. Damp underwear. Ackk. I'd be underwearless rather than that. ~Mary

  2. Company I used to work at had a traveling "weenie wagon".. We would all cook for our good customers (2) a year per salesperson.. Always appreciated by them!

  3. At first glance you would think once they washed the grill, it turns into a beautiful car...those darn transformers are ever where!

  4. How fun!

    Except for the damp undies...I know that had to It's been miserably hot I know!

    LOL@ Mary saying she would go underwearless if that was the case...too funny


  5. Bring your grill to work? Simply put, that is just awesome.


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