Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leftovers for lunch

I think my coworkers might hate me when I warm up leftovers like this leftover smoked chicken for lunch. Especially when I do it at 11:30.

But it was oh so good!

I smoked a 5lb chicken (I know, huge right?) last night using my normal routine. It was delicious!


  1. I hate you and I don't even work with ya. I'm hatin' on you just from reading this! LOL

    I was out on my back porch last night grilling bacon wrapped chicken tenders for my boys at midnight! I should have made enough for left overs for lunch. I didn't think of that!

  2. That looks great my friend. Perfect looking color and looks very eater friendly.

    You should be proud of that hunk of bird.


  3. I love the colour, that red/brown mahagony in the skin, its just looks soo appetizing.

    I'm afraid I'd have to hate you if I was one of your co-workers. Although you did bring a bbq to work recently, so they should have to put up with it.

  4. I wouldn't hate you if I were you co-worker. I'd lure you into sharing with me! = )

    Your chicken looks absolutely perfect!

  5. You co-workers would only hate you if you did not share. Did you share? GREG

  6. A couple of years back, make that like 20 years back when I was first getting into BBQ, my wife brought some brisket into work and heated it up in the microwave.

    Her know it all friend said, "I smell liquid smoke." My wife told her, "I don't think there was any liquid smoke involved, my husband cooked it all night over a wood fire."

    The friend comes back with, "I know cooking and there's no way you could get that aroma without using liquid smoke."

    My wife then tells her, "Let's call Robert and find out." They do and I tell the know it all friend - "It's from a real fire - charcoal, oak and cherry." "No," she tells me. "I know cooking and there's no way you could get that aroma without using liquid smoke."

    Obviously, she don't know her cooking. Dumb Ass. Still pisses me off.

  7. My co-workers hate me too. It's all good.

    Someone saw me making my sandwich today in the kitchen and called it "badass".

    You know it.

  8. Smoked foods retain so much flavor, and don't taste like "left-overs" because of the preservative attibutes of smoke, and brine... More folks have to revisit the "old ways" to realize by today's measurement stick- these are superior foods, are sanitary and tasty beyond what artifical peservatives can provide!


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