Saturday, April 21, 2018

Unboxing a Humphrey's BBQ Smoker - Battle Box

[FTC Disclaimer]  We have no affiliation with Humphrey's BBQ, and John paid advertised pricing.

My neighbor and BBQ teammate, John, took delivery of his new Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box this morning. It is the Wounded Warrior Project version of the Battle Box which means 10% is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project and it comes in this cool dessert camo color scheme.

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
The Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box is an insulated box-style cooker.

The smoker made its way from Limerick, Maine, where Humphrey's BBQ is located, to Knoxville, Tennessee packed well in a crate.

You can see that the unit was well protected.

Inside the crate, the unit was wrapped in foam wrap and tape.  I think there was some cellophane, too. 

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
Yeah, that's gorgeous!  The flat black trim package and metallic desert tan really pop, don't they?

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
A look at the inside of the cooking chamber. A water pan goes on the bottom of this section.  Above that are 4 slide rails and 3 racks.

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
The exhaust vent on the top is a simple slide top.  The cut-out logo on top is an attention getter.

This unit comes with the 8-inch flat free tires.  That makes it easy to roll it around, even on grass fields like many BBQ contests.

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
The fire box on the bottom pulled out.  It is sturdy.  The ball valve is for the intake on the side.  Those t-shaped plates behind it are how you make a maze for the coal to burn like snake winding through the fire box.

The Wounded Warrior Battle Box comes with 2 pass-throughs for electronic probe leads for your remote probe thermometers and controllers.

The ball valve is massive, much bigger than the one on my Deep South GC36.

I love the attention to detail.  For example, the black rivets used match the color scheme.

As do all of the exterior hardware like the side handles.

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
The flat black trim catches the eye.

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
Side view of the smoker.  Instead of a vertical gravity feed chute like on my Deep South, the fire snakes across the bottom and the smoke comes up the back, existing where you see the short smokestack.

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
You can see the thick rope gasket.  The door latches are heavy duty.

Humphrey's BBQ Battle Box Wounded Warrior Project
Another look at the inside.

John did his seasoning yesterday.  He was pleased as punch with how steady the Battle Box ran just using the manual controls.  He's firing it up today for its maiden cook.


  1. I am looking at this exact one. Did you order with the slide out water pan? It says drop in is standard. I prefer that.

    Are they the standard racks and if so do the lock?

    Great pics it looks really cool

  2. Back when I ordered it the slide out pan was standard. They changed it right after I ordered. By not having the slide out you gain 1 more rack position. Ask about the heat diverter plate so you can run waterless if you want. I picked up a large rectangular pizza stone from Amazon I raise it with 3/4" copper elbows so when I go without water pan I still have a good thermal shield. Also make sure you get their pick stick that is really handy. And if you want to use auto fan controllers get a ball valve adaptor from them. I use flame boss so the 2" to 3/4" is the one I use.

    Those are standard racks. Not sure what you mean by do they lock. Cabinet does not have a lock in it. Racks do have a bar that rides under the slide out guide so rack won't fall when pulled out to spritz. Chris should be posting my first 30 day review of this cooker any day now.

    You'll love it, the cooker that is.

  3. When I placed my order the slide out pan was standard, they changed this shortly after my order. I was torn which way to go but filling and removing the slide out pan is a breeze so I am happy. These are the standard stainless steel racks and they do have a bar on the bottom so the rack slides on top of the guide and the bar goes under so you can pull the rack out pretty far and it will stay in the smoker. Not sure what you mean by do they lock. The door has the slam latch but no locking feature.

    My suggestion for accessories, get the pick stix as it is very handy, the Tmaze for the snake effect of the fire box and their smaller (slimmer) ball valve adaptor if you plan on computer temp control, probably the 2-3/4". My review of the first 30 days was just posted on this site as well.


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