Friday, June 7, 2013

Simple Steak Marinade

A lot of people will be grilling  for Fathers Day.   What is on the grill isn't as important as it is that the family just get together and socialize around the coals.   But some of the more popular options for Fathers Day are ribs, burgers, and steaks.  

I have said time and time again, that good quality steaks don't NEED anything more than salt and pepper.  But every now and thing it is fun to try something different, like this easy steak marinade.

I like it because it is simple but flavorful and easy to adapt for your personal tastes.

This steak marinade is from All Fired Up - Troy Black and Southern Living's new grilling/bbq book for 2013 (Reviewed earlier this year).  

The base marinade is 
  • 2 parts dark beer
  • 1 part teriyaki sauce
  • 1 part dark brown sugar.  
I know what you're thinking, all that sugar is going to burn on the grill.  I thought the same thing.   But Chef Troy has you cook the steaks at lower temperatures, like 350-400f instead of the 450f that I usually do or even 600-700f for high temp sear finishes to reverse sear cooking.  They will get a nice dark crust but it is not burned.

If you want to boost the flavors a little more, add some minced fresh ginger, chopped garlic, red pepper flakes, and/or chopped green onion.
The book writes it for ribeye steaks but I think this would be very good for marinating flank steaks, tri tips, and flat iron steaks as well.
Using a Glad zip top bag makes marinating easy, just flip every few hours.  The recipe calls for a 24 hour marinade. 

Grill at 350-400f  until reaches an internal temperature of 127-130f for medium-rare, about 5 minutes per side (or adjust for your preferences). 

I like to rest my steaks on a raised rack for 3-5 minutes before serving. 

Sam's Club BBQ Asheville, NC - Saturday June 8, 2013
When Chef Troy was here in Knoxville in May, I got to interview him about his roll as the director of the Sam's Club BBQ Tour and his new book. 

If you're in the Asheville area tomorrow, stop by the Sam's Club and see a BBQ competition, get pointers from Chef Troy in his BBQ demonstrations, and more steak tips from the American GrillMaster.   I would recommend getting there by 10am to take advantage of the interactive activities and seeing the team making final preparations.

I think you'll find it interesting.


  1. The marinade does sound delicious, but I know I'd burn the heck out of them even on a lower temp!

  2. I too like a simple steak, but I'm all for changing it up every now and then.

  3. My first thoughts exactly that the sugar would burn. Thanks for clarifying that. The flavor combination sounds fabulous.

  4. we only ever had salt and pepper on our steaks growing up...but a marinade might have been nice for a little variety!

  5. Great looking steak Chris as always. I'm committing to learning to cook on the charcoal grill this summer.

  6. I was wondering about your steak temperature of 135. With carryover cooking that would be past medium rare? I am from the salt & pepper only school. Will you marinade a rib-eye again?

  7. Chilebrown: Yikes, good catch. I meant to use 135 as the final temp and was just in a hurry. Thanks!

  8. As far as marinating a ribeye, probably not, I'll leave marinades to the other cuts I mentioned.

  9. I agree, salt and pepper is all a good steak needs. But I would like to try this simple recipe for kabobs, on a cheaper cut. I just cooked steak last night for a post that will be hitting the stands tomorrow. Steaks are so hard to photograph ... wish you would have been here. Your photos are really good Chris.

  10. You could devote an entire blog to marinades and never run out of ideas! GREG

  11. I like steaks both ways... with a little salt and pepper OR with a delicious marinade! I guess I just love steak :)

  12. I have a feeling this would be a huge hit with my husband (and rest of us too).

  13. I like the idea of doing this for tri tip and flank steak. Your steaks look perfect. Sorry we missed the Asheville demo.

  14. Looks awesome, Chris. Will have to try this marinade. I'm stubbornly attached to good old salt and pepper.

  15. My son and I have been making our own lately, also sauce for an afterward eating and with beer like the other post about mop sauce. Sadly I cannot afford WFs pricy rib-eye and other so I am getting angus from my sons job, TJs and it ain't so pretty or tasty as what you get. They shut down the main store near me, so my life as a chef and grill expert has been hell :)

  16. great looking steaks. I prefer marinated steaks. Can't wait to try this one!

  17. What do you mean by "one part". A table spoon, a 1/2 cup what's????

    1. It's a common way of expressing ratios. So if you use a half cup of dark beer, you would use a quarter cup of the other two. If you use 2 cups of dark beer, you would use a cup each of the other two.


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