Friday, June 8, 2012

The Blue Onion Burger

Warm summer evenings and juicy grilled burgers are a hard to beat combo, don't you think?  

While a classic burger with lettuce, onion, tomato and cheese will always be a favorite, I'm sure you have noticed a few trends with grilled burgers over the past few years.  Stuffed, "inside out" or "jucy lucy" [sic] burgers are all the rage.  Layers of big bold flavors are also hot. 

I tried to do a bit of both in this burger.  Crispy onion rings layer on top of the onion burger seasoning and the beefy mayo enhances the great taste of the burger.  The blue cheese tucked in the middle just makes sure the taste party keeps on going.

blue onion burger, burger with onion rings, blue cheese burger,

The Blue Onion Burger
serves:  4

  1. Thoroughly mix together the mayo, 5 Pepper seasoning, and beef base.  It is best if you have an hour or two to let it chill in the fridge.  
  2. Preheat your grill to medium-high (450f).  Make sure your grill grates are clean and lightly coated with oil.  At the same time, preheat your oven and cook the onion rings according to package instructions.
  3. Mix together the beef and burger seasoning, being careful to evenly distribute the seasoning but don't overwork the beef.  Divide into 8 equal portions (3 oz each) and form into thin 4" patties.  
  4. On four of the patties, place 1 Tbsp of blue cheese on the center of each.  Top with the remaining 4 patties.  Seal the edges of each burger by kneading them together and smoothing them over.  (See alternate instructions in Notes)
  5. Toast your buns on the grill (about 13-20 seconds).  
  6. Grill the burgers until they reach an internal temperature of 160f, about 4-6 minutes per side.
  7. Serve the burgers topped with a pair of onion rings and the buns slathered with the steakhouse mayo.
  • Alternate burger method - If you don't feel like bothering with the stuffed burger, make four 6-oz patties instead.  Then when you flip the patties on the grill, top with the crumbled blue cheese. 
burger patty blue cheese
They seem thin here, but the second patty on top makes it a big burger.

Speaking of "layers of flavor".....

burger with blue cheese crumbles on grill
Burger done using the alternate "non-stuffed-in-the-middle" method.

blue cheese burgers
The other three have the cheese hiding inside.

blue onion burger, burger with onion rings, blue cheese burger,

These were probably the best burgers we've done this year.  Trevor told me three times how great they were.  

The Grillerhood
Who is in your Grillerhood?  You know....your neighbors, family and friends who share your passion for pryo and fanaticism for flame.  

This is my third year working with the Grill Mates line of seasonings and I always expect exciting and innovative flavors from them.  But this year they have added something new - The Grillerhood.  It's a place to get tips, rewards, grilling recipes, exclusive contests, and other info.  In the Grillerhood you can interact online and real time with other grillers, sharing new and bold techniques.

Shortly, I'll be running a contest to get you to help contribute to the "True Rules" of the Grillerhood and the prize will be this "loaded bbq apron".  I'd say the only thing it does NOT include is a fire extinguisher but I just got mine tonight and haven't finished checking out all of the pockets.....there might be one in there ;)

Stay tuned for details!

[Standard Disclaimer]  I have a business arrangement with McCormick to promote their Grill Mates line of grilling and BBQ seasonings and marinades.


  1. So, how far away from me are you? Because I could just drop by sometime right before you get some of this started.

  2. The burgers look great. I especially love the onion rings on top!

  3. Looks like a burger feast - it's on tap for here tomorrow.

  4. Ok, that's it... we are going to kick one your neighbors out of their house and we're moving in. Did I mention we'll be over for dinner most nights? :)

  5. @Pam - I'm guessing about 90 minutes, lol.

    @Steph - The extra crunch they give does rock.

    @Larry - What...that sauerkraut not done yet? ;) (Ohhh that would be good, a corned beef burger with sauerkraut on top)

    @Jenn - You'll have to take the house on the left. The one on the right is John's (fellow Egghead).

  6. As my official grill guy you have made me smile once again. GREG

  7. This is crazy good looking--- I'm a sucker for onion rings on a burger!

  8. There is nothing better than a perfectly grilled summer burger- Stuffed, not stuffed, with onion rings....As long as it has a good season and grilled well, its going to rock my world.

  9. ok, I'm loving those onion rings on that burger.

  10. I adore blue cheese on my burger! Along with some bacon and a side of onion rings makes me a happy guy. I saw a burger press at Williams Sonoma which is great for the stuffed burger. Gimmick or need it??

  11. @Greg - Thanks, man! I appreciate your visits, especially knowing how crazy busy you are right now.

    @Sue - It is an "x" factor, isn't it?

    @Velva - yeah, it's pretty hard for any burger to be boring during the summer.

    @Lea Ann - I took Beyonce's advice and put a ring on it! (Dang I wish I used that for my opening line for this post...)

    @Gerry - I have tried two of those burger presses. For me it is just as easy to do them by hand. Alexis prefers using the press. If you are going to get one, I'd recommend the Burger Pocket Press.

  12. I love stuffed burgers, it's been a while since I've had one. At one time I was looking at those burger presses but decided to pass. It is easy to just do it by hand, especially once you get the hang of it.

  13. I want one. Seriously. Please?

  14. I'm with Pam...can I have one of these now, please?

    Chris- I just ordered some Grill Grates for our grill! Brad asked me where I heard about them and I told him your wonderful blog! I'm giving them to my husband for Father's Day. I'm sure he will love them!

    Kim in MD

  15. Delicioso!! No se si usted me podrá entender, yo le escribo en Español, pues veo su blog con un traductor aunque yo no se ingles

    Por cierto, he cambiado mi blog de dirección, si entras en la antigua ya no me vas a ver por allí. Te dejo la nueva por si quieres echar un vistazo;

    Un saludo!

  16. I am in love with this burger! Onion rings are kind of like bacon - they make everything better!

  17. Wonderful burgers!I love blue cheese and burger combo!!!

  18. You Sir are a GENIUS! Brilliant. How do you come up with this? Next burgers I do are going to have onion rings and bleu cheese, thank you very much.

  19. So I was Googling "blue onion"...

  20. Great looking burger and I am so happy that Larry has another chance to win this apron!

  21. I want to join in on this taste party! Am I too late? :) These burgers look phenomenal!


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