Monday, September 26, 2011

On Our Grills September

I didn't catch the Weather Channel's forecast for Hades but I'm pretty sure the place has frozen over.

Why? Because I cooked tofu on the grill today.

Remember those “friends” of mine and their monthly “On Our Grills 4 Ingredient Challenge”? 

Yeah, I hate them.  Okay, hate might be a strong word but I'm certainly not fond of whoever picked this month's ingredients.  (I kid, we bust each other's chops a lot.)

Cheese (or melon, depending which e-mail you read)

Tofu? Seriously. My first thought was to just grill it and drench it in BBQ sauce. But when I was buying tofu at the store I found an Italian sausage style tofu and thought I could make a vegetarian lasagna.

I sliced the potatoes thin on a mandolin and used that instead of lasagna noodles. I layered them on the bottom of a greased disposable pan and topped with some red pesto sauce. Next was sliced tofu, green pepper and onions. I topped it all with mozzarella and smoked cheddar cheese then repeated. 

Then one more layer of potatoes, pesto and cheese.

I covered with foil and cooked on my Big Green Egg at 325f for 45 minutes. I had it set up like a convection oven (plate setter, legs up).

Meanwhile, I used the peas to make The Hungry Housewife's Jumping For Joy PhillyPeas which have bacon. You know if I'm having a vegetarian main course then I am having meat in my side dish, right?

After the 45 minutes passed, I took the foil off of the lasagna and let it go 10 more minutes.

I let it cool and then served it with garlic bread.

First the positives. The peas were creamy and every bit as delicious as Leslie said they would be. The lasagna LOOKED good and I thought it was a creative use of the ingredients.

But I did not like the lasagna and it was easily my least favorite dish of 2011. That's the ups and downs of this challenge. If you keep trying things you've never had or done before, you're going to have some bumps along the way.

Don't let my failure deter you from checking out what the rest of the gang came up with. This should be interesting.... (click the title to view their blog or website).

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Paul Haight started his blog in January,2009 as a way to record the author’s goal of cooking outdoors at least once a week throughout the year and showing the results to the world. Somewhere along the way things got out of control.

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Bob Fukishima began his blog in August,2009 with the intent of sharing his views on food and drink. The blog was originally focused on BBQ and homebrew,but it was inevitable that the influences of his upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area and it’s wealth of ingredients,as well as his heritage as an American of Japanese ancestry would help focus his blog,as it has his approach to food and drink.

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Livefire cooking is about taking ordinary cooking and adding the flavor of fire to it, whether in high heat grilling, low heat smoking or indirect heat for baking. It’s about taking the primitive element of fire and harnessing it to make great food.

TheDaily Dish

Kristina has been writing "The Daily Dish" for for the past two years. The blog covers a wide variety of recipes, but firing up the grill truly lights up her passion for food! She was named "America's Next Pork Personality" by Guy Fieri for one of her grilled pork dishes, won the outdoor grilling division of the National Beef Cook-Off, and her winning grilled lamb-burger took her all the way to the land Down Under with Meat and Livestock Australia. The "4-Ingredient Challenge" is a fun and exciting way to get creative on the grill!


  1. Larry picked the ingredients, and actually copped to it in his post. Blame it on him. I know I did... ;)

  2. Your adventerousness is laudable. The idea of doing lasagna on a grill flies in the face of my sensibilities. Throw a hunk of protein on there - even tofu, which I think is a perfectly viable thing for the grill. There's a time to use the oven. I think this was it. I am so candid only because of how much respect I have for you.

  3. I'm so glad to be not the only one that never eat tofu again...
    The lasagna looks great!! and that's what counts.

  4. Tofu lasagna? Friends who eat tofu? Who are you and what have you done with Chris?!?

  5. Well, it sure looked pretty. Tofu can be pretty scary.

  6. That tofu sausage stuff is garbage. I will eat tofu many times again, but, this list was a tough challenge. You tried valiantly and that is the point of the challenge.

  7. I like the idea of the sausage, but I'm thinking the way it tastes doesn't match the intent. Good try, and your entry looks great!

  8. great job with the tofu Chris, but I'll just have the bread and peas

  9. Definitely creative. I wish I'd thought of Tofurkey or vegan bacon... Having said that, our dinner was actually pretty darned good. smoked Tofu tastes like... Well. Concentrated smoke. I think I got lucky

  10. Cheddar and bell peppers have no place in lasagna. Tofu in itself is good, but masquerading as meat it's just gross. Swap out the tofu sausage for a bit of silken tofu blended into the bechamel cheese sauce, keep the spuds because it's part of the challenge, and it might be interesting.

  11. Cute post, and the one before, bacon wrapped tator tots...well let's just say it gave me inspiration for a zombie appetizer in my book LOL seriously!

  12. I hope you didn't put the tofu on the egg. That would be unspeakable!!!

  13. It does look so pretty! Good job for trying - I am not a tofu fan either... ugh.

    I'll have to try those peas - I love me some bacon.

  14. Oh, Chris. The lasagna certainly looks delicious and promising. And, I'm certainly giving you extra credit points for creativity. You had a brilliant idea with the tofu lasagna. I was thinking maybe you were a tofu convert, but I'm sorry to hear it was the worst dish of 2011. Although I will admit to chuckling out loud when I read that statement!

  15. YOu win some, you lose some. I'm not a big fan of tofurkey's products, so I totally understand your aversion.

  16. Definitely creative and adventurous... and hey, they can't be home runs all the time, right??

  17. Yikes. I am pretty sure I would have balked at the tofu. Way to go with continuing the challenge. At least the peas were delicious. They sound awesome.

  18. You know I am laughing my head off, right? GREG

  19. When I read the four ingredients and saw Potatoes and Cheese, I thought "well, that's not too bad...". But then they added tofu and peas...well, that's just deflating. I think my grill would revolt, grumble and burn the thing to a cinder if I even introduced it to tofu..

  20. Say no to tofu!!! Sorry it was a failure, I'm sure I wouldn't have liked it either... gotta have my meat :) Your photos of the lasagna look good at least!


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