Sunday, September 11, 2011

FAQ: Smoke Hollow Gas/Charcoal Grill/Smoker Combo 47180T

The posts that I get the most email questions about are my initial review of the Smoke Hollow Gas/Charcoal Grill/Smoker Combo (47180T) and my post about the modifications that I made.  So I decided to create a page of the frequently asked questions as a resource.

  • I'm thinking about getting this grill - are you still happy with yours?
Absolutely.  Since buying it in 2011, I have used it about 1-2 times a week. My opinions stated in the original article haven't changed, I still think this is a great unit for the "weekend warrior" griller.

I the charcoal grill part the most.  The adjustable charcoal tray ROCKS.  Being able to control the distance between the coal and food gives you great control of heat energy applied.  The hefty grates give good sear marks. 
But all of it gets used at least occasionally.  The sear burner is the best tool I have found for charring chiles quickly and is great for reverse searing steaks.  My 12 y/o uses the gas grill often to cook a few hot dogs and I use it when I've got several things going at different temps. 
  • How did you season the outside of your grill
I sprayed it with canola oil (like PAM) and then ran the units at 350f for an hour.  After it cooled off, I wiped off any excess remaining oil.  I also re-do this each Spring.
  • What are the dimensions of the unit?
82 inches long
25 inches deep
53 inches tall at the top of the chimney
Wheelbase is 24" x 47"

  • Do I need to buy the cover for it? 
If kept outside, the unit does need to be protected from the elements.  I have not purchased the Smoke Hollow branded cover which sells for $69.   Because of its length, I have not seen many universal grill covers that would fit this unit, most of them stop at 72 inches.  I bought a simple tarp with tie downs and that has worked well for me.
  • Have you had a problem with rust? 
Several people asked and at the time my answer was no.  A year later, I have found a little rust on the back of the firebox and gas grill.  I cleaned the area with a wire brush and reseasoned it with some spray canola oil to reseason it. 
  • Do you have a problem getting the gas tank to stay in place
Yep!  The base ring isn't sturdy enough to hold it and the retaining loop won't stay in place.  I worked around this by zip tying the retaining ring to the gas take with two thick zip ties. 
  • What is the dimension of the charcoal grate that you added to the fire box so you can burn charcoal and not just wood?
It is 17" x 10".  Any longer and I wouldn't be able to shut the fire box door, so it could be a little wider than 10" but no longer than 17. 
  •  Can you convert the propane gas grill portion to using natural gas?
 Official response from the manufacturer (May 2013) is: 
We do not offer a kit. However, our grills can be converted. We ask that any consumer wanting to use NG consult their local gas company or plumber.