Monday, September 26, 2011

On Our Grills September

I didn't catch the Weather Channel's forecast for Hades but I'm pretty sure the place has frozen over.

Why? Because I cooked tofu on the grill today.

Remember those “friends” of mine and their monthly “On Our Grills 4 Ingredient Challenge”? 

Yeah, I hate them.  Okay, hate might be a strong word but I'm certainly not fond of whoever picked this month's ingredients.  (I kid, we bust each other's chops a lot.)

Cheese (or melon, depending which e-mail you read)

Tofu? Seriously. My first thought was to just grill it and drench it in BBQ sauce. But when I was buying tofu at the store I found an Italian sausage style tofu and thought I could make a vegetarian lasagna.

I sliced the potatoes thin on a mandolin and used that instead of lasagna noodles. I layered them on the bottom of a greased disposable pan and topped with some red pesto sauce. Next was sliced tofu, green pepper and onions. I topped it all with mozzarella and smoked cheddar cheese then repeated. 

Then one more layer of potatoes, pesto and cheese.

I covered with foil and cooked on my Big Green Egg at 325f for 45 minutes. I had it set up like a convection oven (plate setter, legs up).

Meanwhile, I used the peas to make The Hungry Housewife's Jumping For Joy PhillyPeas which have bacon. You know if I'm having a vegetarian main course then I am having meat in my side dish, right?

After the 45 minutes passed, I took the foil off of the lasagna and let it go 10 more minutes.

I let it cool and then served it with garlic bread.

First the positives. The peas were creamy and every bit as delicious as Leslie said they would be. The lasagna LOOKED good and I thought it was a creative use of the ingredients.

But I did not like the lasagna and it was easily my least favorite dish of 2011. That's the ups and downs of this challenge. If you keep trying things you've never had or done before, you're going to have some bumps along the way.

Don't let my failure deter you from checking out what the rest of the gang came up with. This should be interesting.... (click the title to view their blog or website).

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