Friday, February 18, 2011

Odds and Ends

Fire Day Friday
I have my Fire Day Friday guest post up over at Our Krazzy Kitchen where I was experimenting last night with a pulled pork/tamale cake appetizer.

Deconstructed Tamale Appetizer Thingy

Kitchen Tools
Want to know one of my favorite kitchen tools?   A dry erase board. 

I know that sounds weird.  But I use a dry erase white board in my kitchen almost every time I cook.  I bought a simple black framed white board and the way it is mounted in the kitchen, you really don't notice it unless you stand directly in front of it. 

I use it to brainstorm ideas for an ingredient.  I write a base recipe on it and the modify it while cooking so I remember what I did.  I sometimes diagram my preparation ideas.

I even draw out what I THINK the dish should look like when finally plated, as you can see on the board from last night's tamale cake.

Grate Expectations
I was excited to get one of the small Craycort cast iron grill grates this week.  It fits a small/medium Egg, a Weber Smokey Joe, or similar sized grills. 

But my primary use of it will be for extreme high temp searing by using a spider rig on my large Big Green Egg.   That rig gets the grate right next to the super screaming hot coals.  I have my rig ordered and should have it shortly. 


  1. That Tamale Appetizer Thingy sure looks yummy, and artistic! Are you an engineer? That dry erase board looks like the work of an engineer. I use good ole black and white composition books myself when I write recipes. The dry erase board idea totally rocks, but I'm usually working on multiple recipes at one time so I'd need a dry erase wall, which if I had the room, would absolutely rock!! :) Every time I think I might venture into an Egg, you scare me Chris!! I'm scared I won't be able to afford to support it. ;)

  2. A dry erase board in the kitchen is a great idea for notes on the fly. I'm always adjusting and tinkering with recipes, but can never seem to remember to write anything down later.

  3. A true chef you are! Love this idea!

  4. That dish looks delicious - what a presentation, Chris! I made a giant chalkboard for my kitchen for sort of the same thing (though not as detailed as all that). It's in a giant red frame with black and white checks and goes with the decor a little better than a dry erase would have. However, the frame on that one is not bad at all. And I love the googly-eyed magnets. %)

  5. I'm with you...don't know what I would do without my white board!!

  6. I never knew I needed a whiteboard in my kitchen, but now I absolutely have to have one. With googly eyes, too!

  7. Mmm. The deconstructed tamale looks AWESOME!

  8. Nice illustration work on the ol' white board. Mine has drawing of a cartoon bunny with a boner on it-- I was in a weird mood.

  9. Love the dry erase board! I have all these scraps of paper and backs of things I scribble on and most of the time I can't even find them when I need to type up the recipe!

  10. You're so organized! I'm loving the tamale thing.


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