Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lamb Chop Greek Pizza

We had two tiny lamb chops leftover and four of us to feed so I figured I had three options:

  1. Become a divinity and multiply it like the loaves and fishes (If I have that kind of power, forget the lamb....I'm going to make some wine.)
  2. Tell the boys there is a new XBox 360 game hidden somewhere in the basement and then quickly eat the lamb chops before they get back upstairs.
  3. Make a Greek pizza
I'm pretty sure that #1 isn't going to happen and the boys aren't going to fall for #2 a fourth time, so we made the pizza. 

Preheated the Big Green Egg coal fired pizza oven to 500f.

Topped the pizza crust with
-sun dried tomato pesto as the pizza sauce
-meat from 2 lamb chops, finely minced
-red onion, sliced
-2-3 mini sweet red bell peppers, sliced
-olives sliced
-oregano (about 1 Tbsp)
-feta cheese
-mozzarella cheese
-red pepper flakes (about 1 tsp)

Put it on a pre-heated pizza stone on the Big Green Egg and bake it for about 9-10 minutes, depending on who is keeping time and remembers to press the START on the timer. 

Yeah, this wasn't half bad for leftovers.

Have any favorite tips for making pizza?  What are your favorite pizza flavor combinations?