Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lamb Chop Greek Pizza

We had two tiny lamb chops leftover and four of us to feed so I figured I had three options:

  1. Become a divinity and multiply it like the loaves and fishes (If I have that kind of power, forget the lamb....I'm going to make some wine.)
  2. Tell the boys there is a new XBox 360 game hidden somewhere in the basement and then quickly eat the lamb chops before they get back upstairs.
  3. Make a Greek pizza
I'm pretty sure that #1 isn't going to happen and the boys aren't going to fall for #2 a fourth time, so we made the pizza. 

Preheated the Big Green Egg coal fired pizza oven to 500f.

Topped the pizza crust with
-sun dried tomato pesto as the pizza sauce
-meat from 2 lamb chops, finely minced
-red onion, sliced
-2-3 mini sweet red bell peppers, sliced
-olives sliced
-oregano (about 1 Tbsp)
-feta cheese
-mozzarella cheese
-red pepper flakes (about 1 tsp)

Put it on a pre-heated pizza stone on the Big Green Egg and bake it for about 9-10 minutes, depending on who is keeping time and remembers to press the START on the timer. 

Yeah, this wasn't half bad for leftovers.

Have any favorite tips for making pizza?  What are your favorite pizza flavor combinations?


  1. My Dallas friend and I were just talking about this! Now I am hungry and Magma is the only place near me with brick oven pizza!

    Do you know any sites that teach how to build one out of your grill? My neighbors may really get jealous over this idea! heh!

  2. When in doubt. Make pizza. I like the way you think.

    And if you ever figure out that loaves and fishes thing...can you work your magic on some chocolate? k thanks.

  3. Mondays... all things pizza. favorite toppings... Maybe the BBQ Chicken and red onions, Classic Pepperoni, or the original Pizza margherita.

    Loving a blue cheese sauce right now... sweet mascarpon for a dessert pizza... So many answers.

    As to this incredible pizza... Perfect. And isn't pizza a great way to stretch those leftovers!

  4. Outstanding use of leftovers. The only thing I do different is put it directly on the grill as I think I get more of the grill flavor into the crust that way

  5. This is in no way bad for leftovers. Great way to use up chops. Looks super cheesey! Awesome pizzas? We both love fennel and sausage together. BBQ chicken is classic. Another good one is feta, honey and proscuitto!

  6. Yum! I love Greek pizza, but it usually has spinach but no tomatoes or lamb. I really like the addition of lamb and using tomato pesto as a sauce. I'd order this if I saw it on the menu. Nice job!

  7. See, that's one of my biggest problems while cooking... I'm the only one around to press the start button and 9 out of 10 times I forget!! I need a timer that hangs from my neck!!
    But enough about me... the pizza looks incredible! And I just know the leftovers were fantastic too...if you had any!!
    If done well, I like a good spinach, tomato, and garlic topping on my pizza...mmmm!! Great, now I want pizza!!

  8. oh wow, great way to use of those chops! my favorite pizza is the classic margherita, but that could quickly change with a bite of this!

  9. I'm partial to white pizza, but would never turn down ANY pizza!! Yours looks wonderful, I love lamb and I bet it's great on pizza.

  10. Great leftovers! I just made one very similar with chicken breast instead of lamb. I'll have to try the dried tomato pesto instead of pizza sauce. Good idea!

  11. Haha, I would have gone with the hidden XBox game!

  12. I would elect to multiply this pizza so I could eat it every day the rest of my life! I love Greek pizza! I make one, but it's a vegetarian version. Still-- so delish!

  13. Oh my gosh, Chris! Your pizza looks truly remarkable. I bet the pizza crust cooks perfectly on the big green egg at 500. Goodness knows that your crust looks divine. Don't even get me started on these toppings....this could fast become a favorite topping for me. I love everything about this!

  14. Such a creative and delicious looking pizza Chris! I love any and all kinds of pizza! My current fave is spinach, garlic and olive.

  15. Making a pizza is an excellent way to make a little go a long way... it looks fantastic Chris.

  16. Gotta love pizza on the grill, and leftovers make great toppings. One of our favorites is pulled pork and pineapple. Sort of a warped version of a Hawaiian pizza...


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