Saturday, July 10, 2010

Car Wash Mike Ribs - A Tribute

Last weekend on July 4th, the Big Green Egg family lost a cherished member, Car Wash Mike.

The is one of the biggest influences on how I've learned to cook with live fire and the members on there are truly like family. We rely on each other, we might bicker over inconsequential details, but we all have respect and love for each other.

Car Wash Mike has been one of the patriarchs of our wacky clan and has guided many a newbie on his or her way to making quality baby back ribs. CWM was famous for his rib technique on the Egg, because it was so simple and straight forward.

Today, Saturday July 10th, 2010, dozens, probably hundreds of Eggheads are making Car Wash Mike's ribs as a tribute. Here are mine but first wanted to share I thought I had while making these this afternoon.

When my nephew (now a junior in college and collegiate baseball player) was 6 or 7, his beloved Doberman died. He was broken hearted but I remember my brother in law explaining to him that God needed a dog, so he looked all over the Earth and found the best dog to come be with him.

As I was spritzing the ribs with the apple juice/cider vinegar, I thought....God must have been wanting the best ribs on Earth and chose Mike to come be with him.

Farewell, Mike.