Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Turkey Call Sandwich

The heat was sweltering as we laid by the pool and noon approached yesterday morning. I was tired of tasting the humidity and wondered aloud if we should start thinking about lunch.

"I just picked our first tomatoes last night," Alexis offered, "We could do BLT's."

"We don't have any lettuce and I don't feel like driving to the store. I have those turkey cutlets, I could grill those for a sandwich," I suggested just as the splash of a child's cannonball brought a welcomed relief.

"If it's not a BLT, what would you call it, a TBT?" she countered.

"I dunno," I stammered, "I'd call it.....I'd call it....a TURKEY CALL!"

Turkey Call Sandwich
Source: Nibble Me This
4-6 servings

6 slices bacon
2 ea Honeysuckle White turkey breast cutlets
2 tsp kosher salt
2 tsp garlic pepper
1/2 cup honey mustard sauce (I prefer Blues Hog Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce)
1 ea tomato from my backyard (substitute a local one if you aren't nearby)
3 slices bacon, cooked
2 slices Swiss cheese
1 loaf french bread

Cook bacon to a crisp.

Pound cutlets to 1/4" thickness with a meat mallet. Season with salt and garlic pepper.

Grill over a 350f fire (medium heat) for 2 minutes. Flip and brush the top with the honey mustard sauce.

Cook another 2 minutes. Flip and brush the top with honey mustard sauce. Cook another minute and remove.

Top the sliced French bread with sliced grilled turkey and a drizzle of the honey mustard sauce...

some thinly sliced tomato and kosher salt.....

the crisped bacon....

sliced Swiss cheese....

Then hit the top piece of bread with some mayonnaise. Put it all together and toast in a panini press or make your own panini press by grilling it in a hot pan topped with a heated cast iron pan. Cook for 5- 8 minutes.

Yeah, I know it's just a turkey sandwich, but it's a darn good one! The layers of texture and flavor played well together. The crisp sandwich shell and bacon contrasted sharply against the tender tomato, cheese, and turkey. The saltiness of the bacon and tomato's acidity are already perfect together so the grilled turkey was an added bonus.

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  1. Looks and sounds delicious. I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. gobble gobble me down! Is what you call that! hey those cutlets look like a few states I am banned from :)

  3. It LOOKS like a darn good one!

  4. Cute name for a yummy sandwich! Coming up with names for recipes when I am writing a cookbook is sometimes hard. Next time I am drawing a blank on what to call a recipe, I am going to email you for ideas. You are very creative!

  5. Bacon -- is there anything it can't do??

  6. I don't like lettuce on my sandwiches so this looks mighty fine to me!

  7. I smoke a bitchin' turkey..soon, very soon

  8. Oh! What a great looking sure makes a great meal :-)

  9. Looks great! You don't need no stinkin lettuce for a good sandwich!

  10. That is one serious sandwich! Love how you named the sandwich;-)

  11. They were awesome, Chris! I made them tonight and Scott and I both they were fantastic!!

  12. What a fantastic looking sandwich! How lucky you are to have tomatoes already!

  13. Ahh. The first tomatoes. Is there anything better? They seem to have been put to good use. Gorgeous sammy.

  14. I love honey mustard. Like real serious love. Especially on a toasted roll.

    The perfect thing to eat poolside.

  15. Call me for dinner! This is an awesome sammich Chris! Good thing Alexis was there to inspire you!

  16. I think the combo of bacon and fresh tomato is absolutely perfect. To add a freshly grilled piece of turkey and crisp the bread is a match made in heaven. I might have named it a Gobbler. :)

  17. Beautiful sandwich Chris. Been hot here so we've had cold sandwiches for dinner. Just haven't felt like turning any heat on. Well, once again RSS feeds stopped working and I've missed a couple of your posts. I've subscribed via email now.

  18. Your sandwich looks amazing!
    I just stumbled onto your site. I love to grill, can't wait to search through all your wonderful recipes.

  19. It's lunch time and that Turkey Call sandwich is making me extra hungry! I'd gobble gobble gobble it alright!

    I could also go for a dip in the pool too.

  20. mmm..nothing beats a great tasting sandwich. hey...there's a sandwich contest going on until Sept...$25,000 prize etc etc. You should enter it. just saying.


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