Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's Throw A Blogger's Party

See updates at bottom:

Katherine from Smoky Mountain Cafe , Chris from Nibble Me This , and Larry from Big Dude's Ramblings , would like to host a little get together for the local bloggers – you’re considered local if you’re willing to make the drive. We’re thinking in terms of a Saturday afternoon sometime from mid May through mid June at Larry’s place near Greenback Tn. There are many details to work out, but at this point, we’re just trying to determine interest level and find a good date. We’re not looking for a firm commitment now, but if you think you would be interested in participating, please email one of us with the Saturdays beginning with May 15 and ending with June 19 for which you are NOT, repeat NOT, able to come. We can then see which dates can accommodate the most people. We’d like to hear back from you by March 10.


Alexis and I had a great lunch this afternoon meeting Katherine and Larry in "the real world" to toss the above idea around. It went by way too fast but it was a pleasure meeting both of them. We are excited about getting this little event off the ground.

UPDATED 3/22/10 (to correct date)

Update 5/7/10

Blogger Get Together

Greetings fellow bloggers. We’ve posted twice regarding our blogger get together on June 5 at Big Dude’s near Greenback,Tn. This will be our final blog post and if you plan to come, we ask that you send an email directly to Larry at by May 21, and he will correspond directly with you thereafter. The details so far are:

Date: June 5, 2010 – rain or shine

Time : Noon – til everyone leaves, eat at 1:30

Who: Any fellow blogger who’s willing to make the trip and significant other, or not.

Food: We thought we’d provide a few main dishes and let everyone else bring their favorite. If bringing something is inconvenient, please don’t let that keep you from coming. We’ll have the kitchen available if you need it and there is a frig, power, and a grill at the dock for keeping items hot or cold.

Drinks: We’ll provide tea and soft drinks but feel free to BYOB.

So if you’d like to meet some of the people you talk with regularly, or you’re just hanging around the house that day, or you need a place to go for a day trip, or a weekend in the smokies, or….., come join us. If you need more info to help decide, contact Larry at the email above.