Monday, May 2, 2016

Product Review: Saber Grills Infrared R50CC0312

While 80% of all grills purchased are under $300 according to the HPBA, it seems like the premium grill market has been taking off.  That or a lot more of our friends are buying high end grills from dealers rather than intermediate level grills from the big box stores.

For the past two years I have included the premium line of Saber Grills in our grilling demos at The Great Backyard Place in Knoxville.  They are the local Saber Grills dealer and wanted us to showcase this elite grill alongside the kamado grill at our demonstrations. 

Isn't this a gorgeous grill?

This year, Saber Grills has sent me my very own 3 burner R50CC0312 for a full review.  I have used it heavily for the past 4-6 weeks and the short version is that this is hands down the best gas grill I have ever used.    

Design, Features, and Claims

This grill is a looker.  The clean, modern design uses the more durable 304 stainless steel compared to the 430 that lower level grills use.  The controls are intuitive and just where you would expect them.  This may seem like a small thing but the control knobs turn smoothly like ice sliding on ice.  You can just feel the quality in the details like that. 

Here are the features that this Saber Grills model boasts:
  • 100% Infrared cooking system cooks with infrared heat instead of using hot dry air (convection) like most grills do
  • 304 commercial grade stainless steel
  • Highly efficient using 30% less propane than traditional units (Pet peeve of mine - BTU's is not a power rating, it's a consumption rating like miles per gallon.  A higher BTU rating just means a grill burns more propane and has nothing to do with how hot or how "powerful" a grill is.)
  • 500 square inches of cooking space with another 175 square inches on the two position elevated rack
  • Side burner with porcelain coated cast iron grate
  • Heavy duty 3” locking caster wheels
  • Heavy duty 1” tube frame provides a stable and secure grill

best infrared gas grill, best gas grill, my favorite gas grill
Opened up and ready to rock and roll.

A quick tour of the Saber's excellent set up.  Far left has the IR emitter and grate off to show one of the burner compartments.  Middle is the infrared emitter which is the work horse - preventing flare ups and creating even, infrared heat.  On the right is the full grate and emitter in place.

Saber Grills provide exceptional temperature control and even heating.
Closer look a one of the 3 burner compartments.  Notice that it is completely sealed off from the others.  This gives exceptional heat control for cooking at different temperature zones.  The short silver stem at the middle bottom of the picture is the temperature gauge probe.

Just to show how well the compartmentalized burners do at zone temperature control, here are readings from the left burner on high and the right burner off - a 600 degree difference!  Don't try this at home but during our demo, I showed guests how I can have the left and middle burners on medium high and still put my hand briefly on the far right burner.  Again...don't do this at home.  

A view of the sleek control panel.  These control knobs operate as smooth as silk and glide effortlessly as you change temps.  The electronic ignition has worked every time.

Slide out drawer of the Saber Grills
Slide out debris tray for anything that falls through, although the emitters pretty much catch and vaporize just about everything before it ever gets here.

As you can see, the temperature gauge is below the cooking grate.  I have heard that causes accuracy problems; however, each time I tested it with either the ThermaQ or a laser non-contact thermometer, they were pretty accurate.  I think the problem is that with the grill being so powerful, it is easy to keep the gauges pegged at 700f if you aren't careful.

As simple as it is, the integrated tool rack is a nice touch that you don't see on a lot of grills.

The grill grates are a thing of beauty.  I hated to season them the first time because they will turn bronze the first time you use them.  But they are meant to be used, not looked at.

Performance and Testing

I’ve already “tipped my hand” and told you what I think about this grill in general but here are the specifics after several weeks of cooking on the Saber Grill.

  • Ease of assembly rating is 0 out of a possible 5 swear words (lower is better).  This was the easiest grill I have ever assembled because it comes mostly pre-assembled in the box and the pieces that do require assembly use the same bolt sizes.  Of course our local dealer assembles them for you.
  • Excellent control of cooking zones.  Each burner is contained in it's own separate compartment which provides measurably better control of using different cooking temperatures.  
  • I love the two piece grate system.  The infrared emitters convert all of the heat to infrared instead of convective heat and the stainless steel bars yield superb grill marks.  
  • Sturdy foundation - the grill's tubular frame provides a rigid "no flex" grill that is a solid cooking platform that feels stable.
  • Speed - The Saber Grill is up to full temp in just about 10 minutes.
  • Powerful infrared heat - despite being highly efficient, this grill cranks out some serious heat (over 700°f) capable of all your grilling needs.
  • Reverse sear machine - The Saber Grill is perfect for using one of the most popular grilling techniques - the reverse sear.

Here are some of our test cooks.  I hated tests in school but love them when it comes to grilling!

The Saber Infrared Grill provides commercial kitchen power and results.
The rugged grill grates remind me of the commercial grills that I have used in professional kitchens - plenty of heat but also temperature control.  Grilling a porterhouse steak just before a late afternoon storm rolled in.  No photoshop effects here - those light beams and the wind swept smoke were all courtesy of the approaching storm.  I take a lot of pictures of food but I LOVE this shot.

The Saber Grill cooks chicken breasts that are always juicy because of the infrared heat.
Here I'm grilling some butterflied chicken breasts seasoned with just taco seasoning, cumin, and salt.  We slice these up for burritos and such during the week.  Infrared grills provide the best grilled chicken because it is juicier.

The Saber Grill creates juicy and delicious pork tenderloins.
We grilled some pork tenderloins that were trimmed and tied.  I seasoned them with Meat Church Honey Hog, grilled for about 26 minutes over medium high heat until they were an internal temperature of 140-145°f.  

Saber Grill's superior infrared technology provides always juicy pork tenderloins.
I sprinkle more of the BBQ rub on the cutting board and drizzle it with BBQ sauce.  That's all the sauce you need, this board dressing is an Adam Perry Lang technique.  

Saber Infrared Grill's have superior infrared heat.
Once you slice the pork tenderloins, their juices mix with the rub and sauce and coats everything so it turns out delicious and seasoned all over.

zi olive knoxville, the spice lab zi olive
We got these USDA Prime cap steaks which are made from the outer rim of the ribeye steak.  The muscle is called spinalis dorsi and I think that is Latin for "best part of the steak".  Two of the strips are rolled up together to form these cap filet.  I seasoned them with my NMT Beef Rub and an ancho-coffee rub that I got from Zi Olive here in Knoxville.  The two rubs work well to create delicious layers of flavor.

The Saber IR Grill is awesome at the reverse sear technique, providing the most flavorful and juicy steaks.
Because these were over 2 inches thick, I went with a reverse sear.  This slow roasts the steaks until they reach an internal temperature for perfect medium rare (127°f) and then finishes with a high temp sear.  

Reverse seared steaks on the Saber IR Grill
I have the center grate and IR emitter out in this picture just so you can get the idea.  The left burner will be on high - providing the indirect heat needed to slow roast the steaks at 250°f on the right side.  If you see the wire above the steaks, that is an air temp probe I clipped onto the upper rack to test the accuracy of the thermometers.

Testing the Saber Grill using the Thermoworks ThermaQ.
I use my ThermaQ as a reference grade thermometer to test out grills.  Here you can see the thermometer on the grill is about 250°f which is close to what the ThermaQ registers slightly above it.  The small difference can be explained by the difference in location.

The Saber Grill excels at reverse sear grilling.
Once the steaks have roasted and then rested until the carryover cooking stops, they go back on the grill for a high temp sear.  Because the Saber Grill used just this one burner on high to maintain the indirect temp, it is already set up to sear without further delay.  

Steaks are always juicy when cooked on the Infrared heat of a Saber Grill.
We served the cap steaks with garlic mashed potatoes, au jus, and a balsamic reduction.

Juicy and perfect medium rare on the inside.

We grilled out on the Saber Grill at our friend's house one Sunday.  We were cutting up and having fun - the way grilling is supposed to be.

How to cook beef tenderloin on a gas grill
We trimmed and tied a beef tenderloin and then seasoned it with the same NMT Beef Rub and the Ancho Coffee Rub.

The set up we used shown before we closed the lid.  Again, only the left burner was on.  Next to the beef tenderloin was some jalapeno poppers that Darrin made for an appetizer.

The Saber IR Grill is a reverse searing machine!
The beef tenderloin resting after the roast.  With reverse sear, it is important to let it rest until the internal temperature stops rising and then actually starts to fall.  This insures you are only searing the outside and not raising the internal temp since the insides are already perfectly cooked.  You are just adding color and flavor to the outside during the sear.

Even veggies come out better with infrared grilling on the Saber Grill.
Darrin had some colorful veggies to cook while the roast rested.  At this point we had all three burners on high.

Adding the final layer of flavor on the grill, the infrared power of the Saber does an excellent job with searing.

beef tenderloin
I didn't get a better plated shot because....well, we were hungry!  But you can see how the outside is nicely crusted but the inside tender and juicy.  I wouldn't try that on a gas grill that isn't powered with infrared heat.

Final Thoughts

I'm a long term, charcoal loving, wood smoking, kamado grill using guy.  But I'm completely enthusiastic about the Saber Grills infrared gas grill (R50CC0312).  The powerful heat, the zone temperature control, its quality construction, and its beautiful styling bowled me over.  I am impressed with how this grill cooks.

If you are in the market for a high end gas grill, you have got to consider this Saber Grill.


Price Point:  depends on dealer but in the $1,000 neighborhood
Where Sold:  Dealers nationwide
Design:  5/5
Performance:  5/5
Value:  5/5

Overall:  5/5

[FTC Standard Disclosure]  I received this grill for free from Saber Grills for testing and review; however, no compensation was offered or given to influence our opinion. If you think getting a free grill has influenced my opinion, go check one out yourself at a local dealer.  I think you will be equally impressed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Product Review: Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill

It is Spring time and across the country, hordes of people are in the market to replace that old rusted out grill that barely made it through last summer.  The first decision that most of them wrestle with is whether to buy a gas or coal fired grill.

This year, Char-Broil makes that decision a bit easier by introducing their new Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill that lets you cook with gas or coal in the same unit, a great combination.  I got to see a prototype of this gas and charcoal combo last year while touring the Char-Broil headquarters and now they have sent me this combination grill to review.

Char-broil gas to coal combination grill

Design, Features, and Claims

According to the HPBA, 61% of homes own a gas grill and 41% own a charcoal grill (visit for more information).  Twenty six percent of homes have two grills.  So it’s clear that the general grill consumer likes the convenience of gas but also the flavor of charcoal.  The Gas2Coal gives you the combination of gas and coal in a single, normal sized grill.  

Honestly, I just don’t think it’s a big deal to light up a chimney  of coal but I am in the grilling minority.  The most important feature to shoppers after budget and space considerations is an easy ignition system (49% according to HPBA in 2014). And that is where the Gas2Coal combination grill shines with its most striking feature.  You can use gas to quickly and easily light your coals and be ready to cook in 10-15 minutes over the glowing coals – gas convenience, charcoal flavor.  

Here are some of the other features of this gas and charcoal hybrid.
·         Dual fuel – can cook using gas OR coal
·         Converts from gas to coal in seconds with no tools required
·         Sleek, stylish design with straight forward controls
·         Sturdy tubular metal construction
·         Side burner for warming sauces or creating side dishes
·         Professional grade cooking temperature thermometer
·         Cast iron cooking grates for great sear marks and even heat
·         Easy storage for the charcoal pan
·         550 square inches of grilling space
·         Five year warranty on the burners

Cast iron grates on Char-Broil combination grill leave great grill marks and are sturdy
The cast iron grates give better sear marks and will stay in good shape with frequent use.  They will rust if you leave them out in the weather or neglected but you can re-season them if this happens.  But as with every grill, using them often is the best way to keep them in good condition.

Thermometer on the Char-Broil Gas to Coal combination grill is durable and sturdy.
I have this same thermometer on 5 of my grills, some of them going on 3 years old, and none have failed or needed recalibrating yet.

Char-Broil’s Gas to Coal combination grill with sturdy tubular construction guarantees grill will last and grill design ensures room for storage under grill shelf.
The tubular construction feels sturdy.  I hate a wobbly grill.  You have just over 35 inches of clearance under this shelf which conveniently fits my deck trash can when the grill isn’t in use.

Char-Broil Gas to Coal hybrid grill with charcoal conversion tray showing charcoal channels
Shown with the charcoal conversion tray in and the grates not back on yet.  The coals line up along the 3 channels sticking up in the middle.

Burners on the Char-Broil gas to coal combination grill are standard burners.
The burners “under the hood” are your standard burners that you find on the Performance series.  When doing gas only, the drop off compared to my Char-Broil Commercial (now called Professional) with the TRU-Infrared grate systems is noticeable.  You can buy the TRU-Infrared grates but it’s not exactly the same as having them on a grill designed for them.  The performance is comparable to other grills in the same price point.

Char-Broil gas to coal combination grill contains space for storing of grilling tools
Storage area for the tray or other tools.

Char-Broil gas to coal hybrid grill with side burner
This is my first charcoal grill that comes standard with a side burner.

Performance and Testing

Assembly - I received my Gas2Coal combination grill this  month and couldn’t wait to put it together.  I’d rank the assembly process as “Moderate – basic tools required and an hour or less of time”.  The main cooking chamber is pre-assembled knocking out most of the work.  The hardware (nuts/bolts) is divided into clearly labeled blister packs, the instructions are straight forward, and the bolts are often pre-installed.  

Char-Broil gas to coal combination grill design ensures that blots and assembly parts are not visible
The only difficulty is there are a few places with tight clearance that make using power tools cumbersome.  Not a big deal and that is only because it is designed to hide unsightly bolts and such. 

Char-Broil gas to charcoal hybrid grill assembled in less than one hour
It took me less than an hour and I wasn't rushing at all.  I might have even had a beer while doing this.

I couldn’t wait to see about this gas assist charcoal deal so I loaded it up with a single layer of standard charcoal briquettes, hit the burners on, closed the lid and waited for 15 minutes per the manual.  Holy smokes, the temp gauge was pegged over 650°f – this thing can crank out the heat.  After several uses, I have found it’s better to go 10-12 minutes, kill the gas and then wait 5 minutes like the video suggests. 

Char-Broil gas and charcoal combination grill with lid open
Rocket hot! Be careful opening the lid after the gas lighting period because it’s really hot in there.

If I light a chimney of coal, it’s ready in about the same time, BUT then I have to wait for the grill grates to heat up too.  This gas and charcoal combination  is  truly ready for food at 15 minutes.

Char-Broil gas to coal hybrid great for spring grilling
Flowers are blooming and smoke in the air - I love Spring - it's one of my 4 favorite grilling seasons.

Marinated portabello mushrooms and Manhattan filets grilling on Char-Broil gas to charcoal combination grill
Manhattan filets and marinated portobello mushrooms.

Burgers grilling on Char-Broil charcoal to gas combination grill using the charcoal grilling feature
Hard to beat burgers over hot coals.

Boneless pork chops with rub and butter  on Char-Broil gas to coal grill
Boneless pork chops with my NMT Basic BBQ Rub and then spritzed with butter.

Burgers and buns grilled on Char-Broil gas to charcoal combination grill
Juicy burgers and toasted buns - a match made in heaven.

Burger grilled on Char-Broil gas to coal combination grill
Burgers and buns grilled on Char-Broil gas to charcoal combination grill

Cleaning on the Char-Broil gas to coal combination grill with cool coals which are best for cleaning
For clean up, I wait until the next day to make sure the coals are dead and then sweep the tray off into the trash.  Always be 100% sure the coals are out.  Trash fires aren’t fun.  The best ash disposal tool is a metal bin with an air tight lid.

How do you control the cooking temperature once the coals are lit and the gas is off?  There are no vents like on the Kettleman  and 780 Charcoal Grill .  There isn’t an adjustable coal tray like on the 780 Charcoal Grill and CB500X .  Temperature is going to be controlled by the quantity of coals that you use.  A full load is going to get you searing temperatures.  That’s part of the simplicity designed into this combination  grill.  

With the grates fixed so close to the coals, it makes this gas and charcoal combination grill  perfect for your everyday grilling of things like steaks, chops, and burgers – what most people do.  I haven’t timed it repeatedly, but it seems like a single tray of coal will get you about 35-45 minutes of heat.  If you have things that are going to take longer or require indirect grilling, I’d use the upper rack or gas only option.   For example, I cook bone in chicken pieces on the upper rack for about 25 minutes and then finish them on the lower rack for 1-2 minutes just to get that nice color.  

One design issue for me is access to the gas tank.  I like to shut mine off at the tank when not in use and to do that with the Gas2Coal , you have to reach around the back as there is no front access to the tank storage area.  

What are the best briquettes to use?  I used the basic “blue bag” and got plenty of heat.  You could use the all-natural briquettes but keep in mind they will burn hotter.  Another way to take full advantage of this grill is to use the wood flavored briquettes that are available. 

Final Thoughts

The Char-Broil Gas to charcoal combination grill  is ideal for those who want the ease of gas but don’t want to sacrifice the flavor of coal. When set up for coal, it is best suited for the most popular cuts – hot dogs, steaks, chops, and burgers.  It gives you a gas and coal combo grill in the footprint of a normal grill, instead of the 5-6 feet of those duo-fuel side by side units.  It is a quick and easy combination  grill that is excellent for the needs of most grillers. 


Product:   Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill
Price Point:  $299
Where Sold:  Lowe’s, online
Design:  3.5/5
Performance:  3.5/5
Value:  4/5
Overall:  3.6/5
Alt tag: alt=”Char-Broil gas to coal combination grill with side burner and side shelf”

Monday, April 25, 2016

Free Kamado Grilling Class In Knoxville

Team Nibble Me This will be conducting a free kamado grilling class this Saturday at The Great Backyard Place in Knoxville, TN.  The class is free but requires registration so call the number on the image to get on the list.

The class will be brief (about 1 hour) and will cover all of the basics you need to know to get started grilling on your kamado grill.  We will be teaching on the Grill Dome but the techniques are the same for other kamado grills like the Big Green Egg, Primo, Kamado Joe, and Grilla Kong.

Big Green Egg class, big green egg training, grill dome training, grill dome class, kamado jr class

Afterwards, we will be doing grilling demos on the Grill Dome and Saber Grills so stick around for some recipes and free samples.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Book Review: Diva Q's Barbecue

Diva Q’s Barbecue – 
195 Recipes for Cooking with Family, Friends, and Fire
Danielle “DivaQ” Bennett
Appetite by Random House

I pre-ordered Diva Q’s Barbecue as soon as it became available online last Thanksgiving because I knew it was going to be a great grilling/BBQ book.  After months of waiting, I finally got my grubby little hands on it and it is every bit as good as I anticipated.

great BBQ book, top 5 bbq book, best grilling book, top grilling book

You might know Danielle “DivaQ” Bennett from her show, BBQ Crawl, which has run for the past three years.  Or you might know her from her multiple other televised appearances, from local news shows to BBQ Pitmasters.  Or you might know her from her many competition BBQ victories including a World Championship at the Jack Daniels World Championship Barbecue a few years ago.  I have had the pleasure of knowing her through the BBQ Brethren many years ago and then getting to work with her on a mutual client for the past few years.  Danielle is one of the most talented, passionate, and competitive pitmasters that I know and all of that energy is reflected in her book.

Physical Description

The book is softcover and is medium sized (8x10).  It “weighs in” at 288 pages of photos, recipes, tips, and other great information.  The format is nicely laid out making it easy to read and use.  I like that she uses “call out boxes” to bring attention to important tips throughout the book.  The organization of the book is the typical BBQ book breakouts of BBQ basics, main meats by category, sides, desserts, and a few other chapters.  It’s the content of those sections that sets the book apart.


Diva Q’s Barbecue is loaded with 195 recipes.  The difficulty level is varied, from beginner to advanced, so that everyone can take something away from using the book.  Danielle cooks on a variety of grills and smoker so these recipes aren't central to one type of cooker.

·         Six Recipes You Need To Know – DivaQ gives you a few recipes to get you going right out of the gate.  I’m glad to see the reverse sear in there.
·         Rubs, Sauces, Slathers, and Spices – This chapter alone is worth the price of this book.  Twenty six of DivaQ’s favorite go to sauces and seasonings are shared.  It has basics like Memphis Rib Rub and Kansas City Rub to more exotic rubs like Spicy Thai Rub or Moroccan Spice Rub.  The sauce recipes are top notch as well. 
·         Fired Up Appetizers and Shareables – The chapter is the social butterfly of the book, with it’s fun “here have some of this” type of recipes.  Chipotle Devilled Eggs with Pig Candy and Cold-Smoked Cheddar-Pimento Cheese?  Yes please! She has pizzas, kale chips, salsa, and tons of one bite apps that are sure to please.
·         Praise the Pig – All about pork, this chapter shares DivaQ’s World Championship Winning Pulled Pork recipe and 21 other killer recipes for chops, cheeks, steaks, and belly.  I’m proud to have one of my recipes featured in this chapter – Pork Tenderloin with Thai Peanut Sauce.  If you really want to kick it up, use her Thai rub on that one.
·         Bacon Bonanza – Bacon delights here, DivaQ hits on classics like Pig Candy and ABT’s while delving in to sheer bacon madness with things like Grilled Poutine and Bacon, Bacon wrapped Cadbury eggs (you read that right), and Smoked Brisket Bombs.
·         Beef It Up – Diva dishes her secrets on a perfect scoring 180 Brisket.  She also gives recipes for herb crusted Prime rib, herbed beef tenderloin, shiitake chuck roast and more.
·         Fowl Play – From Smoked Crispy Duck to Brie and Spinach Stuffed Chicken, DivaQ covers it all.  Her jerk chicken sounds right up my alley and I thought the Roadside chicken was very tasty.
·         Gone Fishin’ – I’m not a big fish person, but this section still looks impressive with selections like Blackened Cajun Salmon, Mahi Mahi Sliders, and Grilled Tuna Steak Tacos.
·         Sizzling Sides – Danielle grills up some out of the ordinary sides like Smookin’ Good Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon Butter. The Grilled Artichokes with Smoked Aioli are on my list for this summer as are the Candied Smoked Carrots.
·         Salads, Slaws, and Breads – Kind of an eclectic collection but loaded with drool worthy recipes, such as; Grilled Panzanella Salad, Creamy Carrot Slaw, and the Best-Ever Buttermilk Biscuits. 
·         Sweet Smoke – Danielle excels at dessert, she is well known for killing that category in contests.  There are lots of recipes in this chapter but there’s only one that I need to know and that is the famed Death by Diva.  It has scored a perfect 180 at multiple contests.  It’s a little fruit, cheese cake, brownie and more.

Grill Dome chicken, kamado roadside chicken, raised direct grilling, raised grate, DivaQ
DivaQ's Roadside Chicken - I did mine raised direct on a kamado grill while she did hers indirect.  Both ways work, I just like my roadside chicken over the fire because that's the way they did it at my dad's company picnics when I was a kid.  

Grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, bbq chicken recipe, chicken baste recipe,
Excellent flavor and I didn't have to wait for marinating like I do on my other favorite roadside chicken recipe.  Of course, now I want to try them together - the marinade and Danielle's baste.  That will be intense!
steak, how to grill a steak, steak seasoning, Montreal seasoning, Diva Q
I tried Danielle's Montreal seasoning recipe on a very nice ribeye steak for lunch one afternoon.

steak sauce recipe, spicy steak sauce,
I finally got to try Diva Q's Diablo Sauce.  The only thing I did different was I used roasted garlic in mine, just because I had it on hand.
Gas2Grill gas coal hybrid, steak sauce
Making the sauce outdoors on the sideburner.

sauce on back of spoon, diablo sauce
Simmer until it is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon like this.  We liked it smooth so I had used an immersion blender before this picture.

Char-broil, dual fuel grill, convertible grill
I did this one on my Char-Broil Gas2Coal grill and a set of GrillGrates.  It's a dual fuel grill but in this case, I used the gas assist to light the coals.

how to grill steak, how to plate steak, how to make steak sauce
This was some lunch!  The Diablo Sauce doesn't knock you over with heat, it's more on the back end, but it's definitely there.  

bbq sauce
The recipe for Kansas City style BBQ sauce is an easy and fantastic base recipe for a sweet BBQ sauce like most people enjoy.  We liked it so much that we used it on a small catering gig we did.


The photography in Danielle’s book does a good job of telling the story of her passion for BBQ.  The book is loaded with high quality, color photographs.  Ken Goodman was the main photographer but there were also contributions from Robert Jacob Lerma, Doug Barlow, and Alena Dudaeva.  The pictures of finished and plated foods gives the reader an excellent understanding of what they are shooting for.  I would have liked to see more “how to” or “step by step” pictures but considering this book is already at 195 recipes and almost 300 pages, I understand that space was an issue.


This is easily my favorite grilling/BBQ book so far this year.  Who is it for?  Just about anyone that grills. It gives newbies an arsenal of information to get them up and firing on all cylinders quickly.  When someone asks me what 1 or 2 BBQ books they should buy because they are just starting out, Diva Q’s Barbecue will be on the short list that I give them.  But even seasoned grillers will gain a lot from this book – I bought a copy for my sister who is a hard core Egger.

Then there’s the price.  I don’t know if it’s some kind of Canadian to US currency exchange issue (kidding) but $14.01 for a book of this quality and usefulness is an absolute steal!  I’d gladly pay $25 or more for this book. 

Brass tax is this:  This book needs to be a part of your grilling and BBQ arsenal. 


5 stars – an absolute resource, will refer to frequently
4 stars – good cookbook with value added tips, photos, guides, and other content
3 stars – Good, average cookbook, glad to have it on my shelf
2 stars – a recipe collection
1 star – would give it away to someone else to get rid of it, but only if I didn't like them very much

[Standard FTC Disclaimer]  Danielle did give me a copy of the book but I also paid full price for a few copies and I did not receive any other compensation. I received the Char-Broil Grill2Coal as part of a sponsorship from Char-Broil. The opinions I have given are absolutely my own.