Saturday, January 30, 2010

Upcoming Guest Post & Food For Thought

Krazy Kitchen Guest Post
On Valentine's Weekend, I am hosting a brunch and a dinner for the lovers' weekend over at Welcome To Our Krazy Kitchen. The theme is (surprise surprise) "romance".

It's going to be fun for us. That week is also our 15th anniversary, so the brunch is going to be a small, intimate menu of some of Alexis' favorites or things that are special to us over the years.

The dinner is going to be entertaining because I am going to have help. My friend and martial arts instructor, Robert, and I are going to cook dinner for Alexis and his fiance. I've been teaching him how to cook a good bit for the past year, but that's mostly been butts, ribs, steaks, and things on the grill. This will be the first full dinner menu we've done together that wasn't BBQ.

Food For Thought
We had a decent amount of snow last night and the boys were over at the horse farm next door, sledding and snowboarding at midnight. I went to sleep but Alexis stayed up. In part to wait for the boys but we had watched Paranormal Activity and I think it had her a bit spooked;)

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I found this note in the kitchen. I couldn't resist writing a reply at the bottom.

She had also made me two batches of home made cinnamon rolls, wrapped and ready for baking.

I popped them in the oven and quietly set about cleaning the kitchen as quietly as possible. I wanted her to get her rest and if she heard me banging around, she'd feel like she had to get up.

She said she would do it, but she didn't mess it up herself. My walking back and forth to the grill through this mess all night and tracking it inside didn't help any.

Alexis woke up just as I had finished cleaning the kitchen and the rolls were ready.

As we enjoyed our rolls in a quiet morning lull, I smiled at her and thought about "romance". It's not just in flowers and cards, although those are nice romantic gestures. But real, bona fide romance? It's found in sticky notes and cinnamon rolls.

Those two seemingly small things Alexis did put a skip in my step this morning and made my day. Thanks Hon!