Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cast Iron Tidbit

This kind of fits the cast iron chef week theme.

Tonight on the BBQ Central Radio show (Tuesday, 6pm PST), Derrick Riches of Derrick's Barbecues and Grilling Blog is going to talk a bit about the Craycourt Cast Iron Grate that I have been using a lot. Greg always tries to put on an informative show at BBQ Central. If you like grillin' and q'in, give it a listen. You can also download archives if you miss it tonight.

On The Show Tonight
About BBQ & Mom's Recipes

During the 2nd segment I will be joined by regular show contributor, Derrick Riches from About.com. On the agenda for us to talk about are a new brand of Cast Iron Grate for your grill, the new Weber 22.5” Kettle grill and why Kingsford has decided to give less product in their bags of charcoal but promising the same performance. If you have a question for Derrick please feel free to email it in and I will ask him! Visit Derrick's blog at http://www.bbq.about.com
In the 3rd segment, I will be joined by Connie Rempe...reprising the “Mom's Recipe” segment. My Mom has diligently put together some of her most favorite recipes and they are sure to impress. As always, you can get a copy of the recipes by emailing the show at bbqcentralradio@gmail.com and putting Mom's Recipes in the subject line along with the show date.
During the 4th segment we will giveaway a 3 pack of Kosmo's Q injections to the winner of this week's CSI Miami Spoof. Yes, there are currently two more entries...and if you feel up for it, go ahead and email or call your spoof in...this might turn in to a rolling segment...to the delight of most...to the horror of very few!