Monday, December 28, 2009

Smoked Beef Brisket

A few months ago, Howard of the Bent Elbow BBQ team suggested I do a post on brisket. Unfortunately, that's about the same as asking Shaq to teach a clinic on free throw shooting. So this post isn't a "how to".

Brisket is a weak area for me. I've only ever done a few small briskets and only one full packer brisket before. A wise man seeks the counsel of others so I reviewed this great brisket tutorial posted by Bigabyte on the BBQ Brethren forum and a few other sources.

I went to see Scott at Lays Market who helped me pick a nice untrimmed packer brisket that reached from Knoxville to Chattanooga. Okay, it wasn't THAT big but it was 21 inches long.

Problem, the large Big Green Egg is only 18.5 inches wide and since this was a overnight cook, I didn't want to use the offset smoker. No problem, Bigabyte's post linked above gave the tip to roll the end of the flat up under itself.

I had Trevor give it a dusting of black pepper....

Then I hit it with a modified version of my beef rub (substituted 1 teaspoon of red pepper flakes for one of the teaspoons of ground cayenne, used an extra teaspoon of oregano instead of thyme, and skipped the white pepper)

I smoked it using Jack Daniels Oak Barrel chips and lump charcoal at 250f.

It took about 7 hours to hit 165f internal.

I then wrapped it in foil with about 1/2 cup of beef stock and put it back on the Egg until it hit an internal temp of 200f. I separated the point from the flat and put the flat wrapped in foil in an empty cooler to rest.

The scraps from the point were the best brisket I've ever tasted. I cut it up, hit it with more rub, tossed it in sauce and threw it back on for "burnt ends".

Honestly, the burnt ends were better before I threw them back on. I need to go visit Big Dude to get some pointers on burnt ends.

Then I took the flat out after a 3 hour rest in the cooler. Yes, you can tell from the pic I didn't trim it near enough. I was paranoid I'd over trim it.

But despite all of the fumbles, gaffs, and miscues, it came out damn good. I know the next one will be even better.

Speaking of some of the best brisket I've had, congratulations to George, Jim and the folks at Dead End BBQ. After just opening two months ago, they made the best of 2009 local eateries according to the Knox News Sentinel's restaurant critic. Way to go guys!


  1. Brisket is elusive. I won 3rd in the State once, and got a fourth one year. A couple of years I didn't even get in the top thirty- doing nothing different!

  2. Looks awesome. It is always nice to have a butcher that will give you a full brisket. For not being a self proclaimed brisket master, you sure did an amazing job. Bravo!

  3. This is my kind of savory treat! Here is very common this type of beef delight on these dates, it looks gorgeous :)
    Happy and Sweet New Year 2010 to You!!



  4. wow...its looks wonderful. I haven't made a brisket in ages. Thanks for the reminder (although mine wont be hoo)

  5. I can smell that brisket from here :) looks fantastic.

  6. That is a beautiful ring. Love burnt ends. the only thing I ever "over" sauce.

    It all looks good to me!

  7. Not big, heck my son was 21 inches when he was born and a 10 pound'er, and I smoked his rear on many occasions when he got into trouble :)

    Actually I smoked one while hubby was away, before I got ill and now we will have it for din din tonight!

  8. That's one big ol slab of meat! Loved reading the post and it looks DEElicious. I don't understand the burnt ends part.

  9. this is what you call a barbecue! it looks amazing and the sandwich on your banner is just too good to resist.

  10. We have a local rib joint that serves an appetizer of Burnt Ends. I love those charred and crunchy bits. They are my absolute favorite! That brisket looks mighty fine!

  11. Chris, I could not tell by how wonderful that brisket looks that this would be your "weak area" No way! The brisket looks awesome!

  12. Believe it or not I've never made a brisket! I know, what's wrong with me?! Yours sure looks delicious - really delicious!
    I have to admit that I've been reading too much Donna and BD interaction, just kept thinking of naughty comments to leave here tonight relating to your post - but no, I'll be good. But I really wanna!
    Congrats to your friends at Dead End BBQ :-)

  13. The burnt parts are THE best!!! My husband makes a brisket a few times a year and the neighbors came a running each time!

  14. Looks great. I've never smoked a brisket. Too scared.

  15. Nice looking job on that briskey Chris, my preference is to trim the ends and edges hard for burnt ends and to serve the point slice. I prefer the point ('fatty' or 'moist' brisket) in Texas jargon.

  16. No way that this is your weak area....the brisket looks outstanding!! Unfortunately, I can never find a brisket in our market here. It's something that I can only get in the warmer months up at the farmer's market. You did a great job :D

  17. I just finished up a packer brisket on my egg for the holidays.. if you need some pointers on cooking a brisket on the egg.. let me


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