Tuesday, December 1, 2009

European Street Style Beer Cheese Soup

This was the first recipe I ever posted in this blog when I started it in January of this year. You can read the full recipe and the whole story in that post, but long story short, this was my attempt to replicate my favorite soup of all time, Beer Cheese Soup from European Street Cafe in Jacksonville, FL.

If you're EVER in Jacksonville, do yourself a favor. Go to one of their locations and have a beer from their vast selection, a smokerschmitt (or one of their other signature sandwiches), and a cup of beer cheese soup. Gawd, I miss that place!

This time, I used some of the smoked colby/jack, edam, and muenster cheeses from this weekend in addition to the standard ingredients. I also only had a cheap, American beer on hand.

This is the first time I made it without any cheddar at all. While it was still very good, it wasn't as great as usual. It didn't have that edge that cheddar brings. I'd recommend keeping your cheese mix to include at least 50% mild or sharp cheddar.

This is one of those rich soups that will warm you to the bone. It is "Oh my God, it's so good" good.