Friday, September 18, 2009

I Won $100 and I'm Giving Away a Vertical Roaster

Ok, the give away part first:

Vertical Roaster Give Away
I'm giving away this brand new, vertical poultry roaster from Williams Sonoma.
It's perfect for doing "beer butt" chicken and you can do veggies at the same time. To enter just leave a comment below. Just say "Entry" or something like that. (Note: I have to post your comment after you submit it, so it won't show up right away.)

You don't have to have an account to comment, just select the "anonymous" option from the COMMENT AS field. But if you do anonymous, please let me know your screen name and forum (ex: swibirun from BBQ Brethren forum) so I can get in touch with you if you're the winner.

I will put all of the entries into a bowl and draw a random winner on Monday night, 9pm Eastern (9/21/09). I'll pay for shipping in North America. Otherwise, your own your own:)

What I Won
See this?

It's a Thermapen, only the best food thermometer in the world. It gives accurate readings (within .4 degree Fahrenheit) and is fast! And I got, red, the scientifically proven best color to get;)

I bought it from Amazon with the $100 Gift Card that I won in the monthly photo contest in July at

Yeah, every month they give away a $100 gift card to the member posting the best photo accompanying a recipe on the site (it can be a recipe you post, that's even better). So many of you food bloggers have so much better food styling and photography talent than I do, you need to sign up (it's free) and start posting!

What is BigOven? It is two things, a food social network and recipe software. I have used it for 5 years and I personally recommend it. I don't get anything for traffic, links, or people signing up, I just think that highly of BigOven.

The food social network part of it is like Facebook for foodies without the annoying games, tags, pokes, viruses, and embarrassing photos from your past. Foodies ask questions, discuss topics, share videos & tips, and there's a search-able database of 170,000+ recipies. All of that is free. FREE.

The desktop software does cost a nominal one time fee ($29.95) if you choose to buy it but it is well worth that. If you choose not to buy it, you can still use the free online site. It is more than a recipe database because of all of the features it has. You can check out their page for the features but I'll tell you the ones I like the most:
  • Screen Import - If I see a recipe in a forum or blog that I want to try later, I copy it from the source and then click "Screen Import" in the BigOven Software and it imports it into the "try this" folder that I set up. It doesn't matter what format the recipe was written in because the software lets you highlight what part of the text is ingredients, instructions, title, source, notes, servings, etc.
  • Flexible recipe search - Perfect when you are trying to find what to make for dinner or with a specific ingredient.
  • Menu Planning - I can plan a weekend, holiday, or a week's worth of meals on the calendar and get a customized shopping list of the needed ingredients for the whole meal plan.
  • Shopping list - see above!
  • Recipe Reviews - I like being able to read what OTHER people thought of a recipe and the adjustments they made before I try it.
  • Customer Support - World class. The few times I have ran into something I needed help with, I was able to get quick answers.
Ok, I'll quit testifying. I just really like their site and software. I use it almost daily.

So leave your comment below to win some $*(#


  1. Sweet!

    Nice win on the thermometer. I seriously need one of those, but I will definitely take the chicken roasting thingamajig. :)

    Also, thanks for introducing me to bigoven... never heard of it before.

  2. I'll have to go check out bigoven! Congrats on the thermometer.

    And please enter me in your contest. It would only have to travel from Knoxville to Soddy Daisy!

  3. This would be a fun experiment! And I don't ever want to see "butt" and "entry" in the same post again, mister. Your food porn is getting a bit risque...this is a family joint!

  4. Oh Oh Oh, I is! but if I do not win, I will just go back to drinking my baby bulls...hey the light bulb went off! baby bull's up a quail's rear? LOL

  5. Congratulations on your win!
    I'd love to win this amazing roaster!!

    lelou2 AT ymail DOT com

  6. Congrats on the photo win!! thats way cool. Lemme know if I win the vertical roaster cuz I'm entering!! wooo hooo

  7. Congrats on your win! I will have to check out Big Oven.

    Thanks for the chance to win the vertical roaster. It looks awesome!

  8. It's always nice to win things, although I can only think of two times in my life i have done so.

    Nice Thermapen. :) I have BigOven open in another window. Will check it out as soon as i am done here.


  9. Nice Thermo pen.. the Black ones work the best
    But you will be happy with your red one
    will be looking around big oven soon
    would love to win your Vertical Roaster
    this would be my entry then I love


  10. pick me, oh pick me:)\

    Ill have to check out big oven.

  11. I like beer and chicken!Hoss here.Nice blog.

  12. Sure, I could use that chicken cooker. Congrats on your win.

  13. You know I've made chicken this way, and I'm impressed with the well thought out simplicity of this cooking accessory! Bend my slip on one corner- it will be easier to find by touch!

  14. Congrtats,

    I am a member of BigOven freebie, but I won't buy the software cause I already bought and have built up recipes on my Living Cookbook, thanks to Richard in Fl. But this is a great site and I would love to be entered in your contest. Thanks.

  15. You sound like a winner and a giver. Great concept. Love your blog. Mijoey from the egghead forum.

  16. I would like a chance at the freebie. Love chicken and love beer butt chicken. I would even pay the shipping.

  17. Nice score! I checked out the site and it's great, lots of recipes for everything. Enter me in the drawing: JoeB from BBQ Brethren forum.

  18. Greg at SippitySup is in and I'll check out big oven. GREG

  19. Sign me up for the contest, pal! Congrats on the win, and yes, BigOven is awesome.

  20. no one deserves the win more, congrats, I am happy to try to win your contest...enter

  21. Stopping by from Chef E's, congrats on the win. My hubs would love the Roaster, plus if I won I could finally get a night of from cooking. I would be him stuffing the chicken with a beer in the rear, for some reason that just doesn't sound right ... LOL. Thanks for the opportunity ;).

    Love all the yummies you have here!

  22. Nice therm, but then I'm biased towards the UK outfit!
    The roaster looks good but does it function well? James MB from BGE forum - please enter me I'd fund the shipping! Now I must get off to check out Big Oven.....

  23. HAAHA...Beer Butt Chicken!



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