Monday, March 2, 2009

For The Love Of Food

This post is a tribute to what I consider the absolute best non-commercial food blog For The Love Of Cooking. Here is what I love about this blog

-uses mostly fresh ingredients that you can find in season and locally. No "virgin goat foie gras", "kosher pork anus", or wild ingredients that you see on Iron Chef.
-recipes tend to be simple (from a fundamental standpoint) yet classic. They're not trying to impress anyone with gels, foams, and or "super micro infusion".
-photography is exceptional from lighting to composition
-the "view printable recipe" option for any posts makes it easy to import or print recipes.

Tonight we made Pam's Roasted Pork Tenderloin and her Baby Roasted Potatoes with Soy Butter. I won't repost the recipes here, because 1) she did a perfect job explaining them and
2) you need to check that blog out. What I will post is the few things I did different.

-Added 1 tsp of fresh ground ginger to the meat marinade
-Instead of the oven, I fire roasted (not grilled since it was indirect heat, but not BBQ, because the heat was rather high) them both on the Big Green Egg.

The cool thing is that you can fire both of these dishes on the Egg or an oven at the same temp so they finish at the same time.

We got the BGE up to 350f using indirect heat (plate setter in). We followed the potato recipe and put them (already parboiled) on the Egg at the same time we started searing the pork on a hot pan on the range top.

We put the tenderloin on a raised grid over the pan of potatoes so the juices would drip down onto the veggies in this set up:
The flavor of the meat was incredible, it was tender and the potatoes were awesome too!