Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cooking Logs

If you don't count fire, meat, and a grill, one of the most useful tools for improving your BBQ/grilling has to be a cooking log.

A bbq cooking log allows you to learn from your successes and "less than successes". I first learned about them from a fantastic website called Amazing Ribs and they freely offer a pdf template for a bbq cooking log. I highly recommend theirs if you want to keep a printed copy.

I don't track most of my cooks in this kind of detail but I do try to record enough of them that I can learn. Here is my set of cooking logs. I wish I had done more because these are great learning experiences, from the good and the bad.

I also keep a spiral bound notebook in the kitchen to record more general notes with less detail. I'm more likely to use that then to be disciplined enough to complete a full cooking log. But both are resources that I consult often when preparing to cook something.