Saturday, December 1, 2018

Smoky Mountain Chicken Sandwich

[FTC Standard Disclaimer]  No compensation was received for this post. 

Fired up one of the Big Green Eggs tonight to grill these Smoky Mountain Chicken Sandwiches.

Typically, a Smoky Mountain chicken sandwich or burger is topped with bacon, BBQ sauce, and cheddar.  I'm not sure how, when, or where this divine trinity became associated with the name "Smoky Mountain".  I have just seen it that way on countless menus.

I went in a bit different direction, but I used the same smoky-sweet-cheesy profile for this game day sandwich.  My secret ingredients were two local Tennessee products, fitting since they live in the shadows of the Smoky Mountains. 

Alexis found this rub at Elder's Ace Hardware. It has a very balanced BBQ rub flavor, featuring things like sea salt, turbinado sugar, powdered molasses, dried onions, dried garlic, and chiles. 

Blackberry Farm Smoked Onion Jam
Yes, THAT Blackberry Farm!  This sweet smoky jam is made with sweet onions, smoked onions, cane sugar, and a few other ingredients.  The flavor is otherworldly. 

I loaded one of our large Big Green Eggs with Parker's Charcoal - made with Tennessee hardwoods.  The coal had been sitting out in extreme humidity all week, so I gave it 15 extra minutes to preheat. 

We got some Gerber Amish Farms chicken breasts from my Food City and butterflied them.  I oiled them lightly with avocado oil (high smoke point, neutral flavor) and sprinkled them liberally with the Reload Double Action on both sides.  

I grilled the breasts for 5 minutes a side at 500°f on Craycort Cast Iron Grates.  

When the chicken was just about done, I topped them with Sargento's 2 Cheese Cheddar Slices

While the chicken rested, I deep fried some battered fries.  I'll skip the name brand because they were forgettable. I just didn't feel like making my own. 

We mixed the onion jam 2:1 with Duke's Mayonnaise to make an incredible condiment.  We were dipping our fries in it.  It would also rock on a burger. 

The sandwich build was the toasted bun, lettuce (couldn't see that could ya?), tomato (damn, I'm dropping secrets here), grilled chicken breast, cheese, and the smoky-onion-jam-mayo. 
Nothing fancy or schmancy, but it was the perfect bite for that instant classic Alabama-Georgia game.  (not a 'Bama fan, just love college football).