Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Product Review: NEW Big Green Egg Modular Nest Systems

[FTC Standard Disclaimer]  I received no compensation for this review.

I have needed a new table for my oldest Egg for a while.  My old table was 10 years old.  It was so worn out and wobbly that it was practically unsafe to move by myself. 

As soon as I read about the new Big Green Egg Modular Nest Systems, The features and design of this new expandable modular table had me sold instantly.  I called Mannix Pools and Grills in Winter Haven, FL and ordered a set.  

I finally got to pick my table up this weekend when we were at Mannix Pools and Grills to teach a grilling glass.  


Putting the nest together was relatively easy.  On a "swearing scale" I would give it a 1 out of 5 swear words (an excellent rating, the fewer swear words, the better).

Since this is modular, the individual packages were manageable to move by oneself.

Unboxing the Egg frame.  The instructions are just two pages long because they are simple.  I like that they use the same sized screw for this unit, that always makes assembly easier for me.  Also, no extra tools are required, the only tools you need are included.

You can put the carts together using the hand tool that they provide but power tools make it much faster and easier. 

Egg frame put together.  It is very rigid and secure.

The Egg frame and expansion frame connect via 6 metal brackets.

Egg in his new digs.


The modular design is simple, expandable, and customizable.  
  • This system epitomizes the saying, "Simple is the ultimate sophistication."  
  • These are expandable so you can just start with a single egg frame and then later add the expansion frame to create a table like mine. Or if you buy a second Egg, you can add on to your existing cart.  You can add some more expansion frames and make an L-shaped table. It's all up to what you want - any configuration of 30" squares.
  • These are customizable.  You get to mix and match whichever inserts you want.  I went with 3 stainless grid inserts and 1 stainless steel insert.  But they also have 2 wooden options, too.

I appreciate the design details.  For example, the optional stainless steel top has rubber contact points to reduce the noise of metal on metal.  Another example is that the stainless steel grids can either be a shelf or if you turn them upside down they are a wire basket.


I's just a table so this might be more appropriately titled "Things I like about my new table". 

  • This table has significantly more usable work space than my previous full-size table - almost 100 more square inches.
  • The extra storage space underneath the Egg means my adjustable rigs finally have a home! 
  • The frame top and legs are made of powder-coated aluminum so they are lightweight and rust resistant.
  • The cross braces and lower shelf frames are made of steel, making them rugged and sturdy.  These legs won't be wobbly in 10 years.
  • The table-top surfaces are non-porous so they are grease resistant and easy to clean.
  • The surfaces (at least mine, I didn't do any wood inserts) are immune to popping embers so I won't have the inevitable pinhole burns (Pink Floyd shoutout).
  • The stainless steel components are made out of the higher quality 304 stainless steel.
  • The stainless grid shelves that I chose don't hold water or dirt like wood slats do, so they will stay cleaner and won't mildew.
  • We opted for the heavy duty caster wheels instead of the adjusting feet.  
  • The configuration flexibility will be a huge plus when I expand the table to include my other Eggs down the road.
So is there anything that I don't like about the new BGE Modular Nest Systems?  Not really but here are a few things.
  • Because it's the same length but 4 inches wider than my existing table, the cover doesn't fit.  In fact, I don't see on the BGE website that they carry a cover for this setup.
  • The downside to the aluminum frame is that they are non-magnetic.  Not a big deal, I just keep trying to stick my Thermoworks Timesticks on the legs.
  • They are pricey but what isn't when it comes to Eggs.
As soon as I got my table put together, I had to christen it for it's maiden voyage.  I chose a nice pair of ribeye steaks from Food City. 

Trimmed, oiled, tied, and seasoned.  My seasoning was finely ground NMT Umami seasoning recipe.

I grilled them for 4 minutes a side at about 475°f on GrillGrates.  I was using B & B Oak lump charcoal.

They turned out beautifully.

So my initial thoughts about the new BGE Modular Nest System are that I think they look great, I love the extra space and so far, I'm thrilled to have one.  I can't wait to buy my next pieces later this Summer.

If you're interested in these, check out your local dealers, such as;