Friday, December 23, 2016

Upcoming Event: North Florida Eggfest 2017

Eggfests are a blast.

Eggfests are regional food festivals where all of the food is cooked on Big Green Egg brand of ceramic kamado grills.  These aren't BBQ contests where you never get to taste the food.  These are true food festivals where you get to eat what the teams are making. 

A brand new Eggfest to put on your calendars for 2017 is the North Florida Eggfest at the Pinch-A-Penny in St. Johns, FL located in the Shops at Johns Creek.

The 2017 event is actually more of a mini-fest as they are trying to keep it small (about 15 teams) and then the 2018 event will be a full fledged event.  But you don't want to miss getting in on the ground floor of a new Eggfest, they are a lot of fun.

My sister and I are planning at cooking this Eggfest and it's looking like a bunch of our Egging friends are coming as well.  I'm thinking this one might really take off.

Here are just a few reasons to attend an Eggfest in your area, like the North Florida Eggfest:
  1. To eat some of the most creative and delicious grilled dishes around.  Eggfests are open to the general public and buying a "taster" ticket lets you sample all of the food that the cook teams are serving.
  2. Raise money for local charities.  Most Eggfests give profits from the ticket sales to a local charity.  Whether you are cooking food or eating it, you are helping out.
  3. Buy a Big Green Egg at a discount.  The Eggs used at these events are sold "used once" for discounted prices.
  4. Learn more about BBQ and grilling.  Some Eggfests have cooking classes tied in to the event. But at all Eggfests, you can learn a ton of things just by talking to the various cook teams and how they prepared their dishes for the day.
  5. Find out about what grilling accessories are available and try them out.  Great vendors like Flame Boss, Smokeware, Innovations by Chance, and Kick Ash Basket frequently attend Eggfests.
  6. Get inspired for creating new recipes on your own grill back at home.
Go ahead and put the North Florida Eggfest on your calendar for Saturday, March 11 from 10am to 3pm.