Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Grilled Porterhouse Steak

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been cooking a lot, just not posting much here on the blog.  I'm going to start trying to post some of the quicker, during the week type of cooks like this one.  

This past weekend we had a lot going on one night.  I was in the middle of prepping a pair of big ol' briskets and Alexis was busy canning a ton of our fire roasted salsa when we realized it was 9pm and we hadn't eaten since breakfast.  So stopped and grilled this delicious steak.

We had bought a porterhouse steak at Fresh Market that morning and something about the label caught my attention.

Premium choice?  Alexis and I talked about what that might mean since "premium choice" isn't a USDA grade.  My thought was it might be like Certified Angus Beef (CAB) because they are a form of "premium choice".  Choice can have marbling of small, modest, or moderate and CAB only accepts beef with modest or moderate, the upper two levels of USDA Choice.  

Tonight I Googled while writing this post and what do I find on Fresh Market's website?

That's a bingo!  So apparently Fresh Market has started carrying Certified Angus Beef.  That makes them, Kroger, Food City, and and Butler Bailey Market.  Now if just one of them will start carrying CAB whole briskets consistently, I'll be happy.

So anyway, back to my steak....

The first thing I did was get some quality balsamic vinegar reducing on the stove top.  

I was trimming brisket so I already had a batch of Christopher Prieto's beef rub made up for the briskets.
So I just used the beef rub on the steak - it was perfect since it has just the basics - salt, pepper, garlic, and cayenne.  
Since we were just doing one steak, we fired the BGE Mini-Max up.
No time for reverse searing or that stuff.  I just grilled it for about 5 minutes a side.  I always use my GrillGrates when searing on my Mini-Max. 

I always rest my steaks on a raised rack instead of on a flat surface. Resting meat on a flat surface traps moist heat.  This steams tissues, relaxes them and causes more juices to be release. Resting meat on a rack avoids the steaming and retains the juices.

Sliced up before the balsamic reduction.  Perfect medium rare, I love it.  That's filet on the left of the bone and a NY strip on the right.

I know it's not the 90's anymore but Alexis LOVES balsamic reduction on her steaks.  Happy wife, happy life, screw food trends.  We eat what we like.

Texas Monthly BBQ Fest 2016 Dates Announced!

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