Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Quick Turkey Breast and the Adjustable Rig Multi-tiered Rack [Product Review]

There are many options for multi-tier rack systems for kamado grills (Big Green Egg, Grill Dome, Kamado Joe, etc).  From the simple, do it yourself raised grid to commercial options, they all do two basic functions - increase capacity and provide flexibility.  

In my opinion, the Adjustable Rig from Ceramic Grill Store is the most complete multi-tier set up.  I have wanted one for several years and I have finally pulled the trigger on buying one.  Well two, actually.

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I bought one set up as a 3-tier rack with slide out trays for ribs and chicken at competitions and the other set up for the brisket and pork butts.   This theoretically will let you cook a KCBS competition with two kamado grills. These are just options of the basic unit which starts with a spider rig which holds a 13-inch pizza stone and a drip pan to create an indirect heat set up. 

BGE spider, Ceramic Grill Store
This is the spider, pizza stone, and drip pan.  It creates the indirect heat without pushing the cooking grate up 3-4 inches like the plate setter does.

And then the basic Adjustable Rig core which holds any other options that you choose.  This set up takes more advantage of your existing cook space because if you used a plate setter legs up, your first cooking level is about 4 inches above the fire ring.  With this set up, you start right above the fire ring, using more of what you already have.

adjustable rig for BGE,

The "big meats" set up is two levels that will let me cook 4 pork butts at once, 2 briskets at once, or a brisket and two butts. 

adjustable rig kamado joe, how many pork butts kamado joe

The three tiered set up is even more flexible.  This can do my comp chicken and ribs but also works great for doing a lot of wings, smoked sausage, etc.

how many ribs on a big green egg, how many ribs on a kamado joe

The rig rocked when my sister and I recently needed to cook a lot of pork but only had one large Big Green Egg at the time for an event that I'll post about later this week.  But it definitely made me a believer.

Excuse the cell phone picture, didn't have my camera with me.

In addition to the added capacity, these rigs also give you the flexibility of cooking direct at 4 different distances from the coals, so you can tailor how you want your direct cooks to go.

These units are made out of high quality 304 grade stainless steel.  They are built in the US and have quality workmanship that is evident in the welds.  My experience with them has been entirely positive and I would recommend these to anyone looking to use kamado grills for BBQ competition, catering, or just looking to get more out of their grill.  

The hardest part about buying an adjustable rig is figuring out what options you want or need, but don't panic.  Just give Tom and Terri Vogds a call and they will help you pick out the right set up without trying to "up sell" you.  In fact, they called me to make sure my order was right because they thought I might have ordered something that I did not need.

You can also use it in lieu of a plate setter even when you don't need multiple levels like I did for this quick and easy turkey breast that I made last weekend for the basketball playoffs.  You know, turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving.  Roast a breast on your kamado grill on the weekend and have sliced turkey for lunch meat for the week.  

This doesn't require a long brine or marinade, just a quick injection keeps the bird plenty moist.  The sweet and spicy seasonings balance out well and this is a great sliced turkey for general use like salads, sandwiches, or by itself.  I don't add any wood, the smoke from the lump coal was enough for me but if you cook this on a gas grill, I'd add some wood chips to a smoke box for flavor.

BGE turkey breast, how to grill a turkey breast, turkey breast kamado joe, turkey breast grill dome

Quick and Easy Turkey Breast


  1.  Set up your grill for indirect heat and preheat it to 325°F.
  2. Inject the turkey with the chicken broth every few inches on both sides.  
  3. Flatten the turkey breast by pressing down firmly on the breast bone.  
  4. Mix together the garlic pepper seasoning and Lawry's Seasoned Pepper.  Season the backside of the breast heavily with this mixture and then lightly on the top side.
  5. Seasoning the turkey breast liberally with the Meat Church Honey Hog Hot.  You want a nice even layer as shown in the picture.
  6. Place the turkey breast on the grill, close the dome lid, and roast.  Spritz with spray butter about once every hour to keep the skin moist and to help meld the rubs together into a golden crust.
  7. Cook until the turkey hits an internal temperature of 157°F, right about 3 hours, and then remove.  Let the turkey breast rest for 15 minutes.  The temp will rise to 165°F during this time.
  8. Cut off two breast lobes and slice evenly.  Pull the remaining meat from the breast bone. 

Meat Church turkey breast
I stopped midway to give you an idea of how much seasoning I sprinkled on.  I didn't measure it, just shake it on.

turkey breast on big green egg, kamado turkey breast, vision grill turkey breast
Cooked this on middle level of the Adjustable rig but you could also do with a plate setter. 

Close it up and let the kamado do the work.

Turkey breast on the big green egg, roast turkey on BGE, ChefAlarm
The trusty ChefAlarm shows that it was 120°F  1 hour and 45 minutes into the cook.

If I'm not eating it right away, I like to slice the lobes off like this, chill them and then slice them later.  It's easier to slice thinly by hand when it's chilled thoroughly.
Like I said, this is a good turkey breast for slicing up and using as lunch meat.  Plus, it's quick and easy without a lot of fuss.   I think people forget about turkey on the grill during the Spring and Summer which is a shame because it is awesome on a sandwich with bacon, fresh sliced Summer tomatoes, and a dash of honey-mustard.

And if you're looking to expand the capacity of your kamado grill, check out the Ceramic Grill Store's Adjustable Rig.  I highly recommend them. If you've been on the fence about getting one, don't wait as long as I did.

[Standard FTC Disclaimer] We received no compensation for this post, paid full price for our rigs, and have no affiliation with Ceramic Grill Store.