Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Somewhat Off Topic - Miscellaneous Phone Pictures

I'm still recovering from surgery last week and hope to resume cooking this weekend.  

In the mean time here are a bunch of food pictures from the past year that were on my phone.  While they do not have the quality of my normal food shots, they show a little behind the scenes action.  

Filming of this season's BBQ Pitmasters finale in Tryon, NC.

I'm guessing this was the mise en place for some kind of soup.

Smoked pickles, not nearly as bad as one might have thought.  

Breakfast for Trevor.

Getting ready to smoke a single pork butt on my Egg.

A test run on a sweet and sour pork recipe.  Need to finish working on that one.

Pork chops cooking on GrillGrate's on the gas grill.  Yes, I actually use gas every now and then.

Chicken pot pie

Grilled chicken thighs on GrillGrates on the gasser.

Prepping loin back ribs for the smoker.

Making sweet and spicy pickles.

Trying to smoke some beef ribs on a gas grill.

BBQ quesadilla at Dead End BBQ 
Mac Attack sandwich from Dead End BBQ.

Pork tacos from Chuy's.

Quick burgers on the Egg.

Practicing my huli huli chicken recipe.

Flat top burner at Lowe's.  I want to buy one of these.  I swear it's my last one.

Pork tenderloins of some sort.
Pretzel buns for bratwursts.

Blackened Shrimp Po Boy at Sunset Grille in Perdido Key, FL

Grocery stores in TN can't sell wine so I snapped this picture in Florida.  Dumbest law ever.

Alexis and Trevor at Trigger's in Perdido Key.

Reverse flow offset smoker at The Rib Shak in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach.

Quicky jerked chicken wings.

Chris Lilly cooking recipes for his new cookbook.

Alcohol with abandonment issues.

Ken Hess, Chris Lilly and Alexis Grove at the Rocky Top BBQ Cookoff

Team Bent Elbow at Rocky Top Cookoff

Some kind of salad at work made from leftovers.

Chicken fajitas?
Memphis In May - one of the team displays

Grilled corn and pork tenderloins.

Chicken thighs on the gasser

First sous vide ribs experiment.  Not very pleasant texture on this one.

Flat tire on our way back to airport at the Meyer Ranch in Montana.

Our favorite local BBQ place, Dead End BBQ.

Server dropped ribs at Dead End BBQ.  Notice the two dogs on the patio in the distance staring it down.

A chile rubbed, cheese stuffed chicken breast recipe that never made it to the blog yet.

More beef ribs.  I love beef ribs.

Bourbon and guns don't mix!  PSA :)

ABT's and turtle eggs on the smoker.

Favorite local food truck.

My white board in the kitchen.  I keep my notes here as I develop recipes and smoke meats.

Cooking on both Eggs.

A butt and chub of bologna smoking.

Pit Barrel Cooker freshly unpacked in the garage.

Turkey on the Pit Barrel Cooker