Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fried Tamale Bites

Yesterday we wanted some appetizer-snacky-game type food to munch on while we watched UFC-139.  I came up with two things - tamale bites and fried stuffed black olives.

deep fried tamale bites, deep fried olives

I wasn't sure how either would work since 
A) I didn't know if the tamale dough would all cook solid into an impenetrable ball of concrete and 
B) I had no recipe for either of these, I was just winging it.

When I first bit through the warm, crunchy crust and it gave way to the soft tamale and savory pork inside I knew I was on to something.  And the olives were down right addicting.

The olives were just large pitted black olive stuffed with a thin sliver of garlic, a small piece of pepper jack cheese, and half a leaf of cilantro.  

To get the breading to stick, we found you had to dip them in egg wash first, then flour, back to egg wash, and then in panko crumbs.  Then just a quick 30 second swim in a 350f deep fryer.  Season lightly with salt just as they come out and they are done.
Typical 3 station breading set up - flour, egg, crumbs.

For the tamale bites, I simply took leftover cooked tamales and cut each into 4 pieces.  I rolled each in flour (masa harina), egg wash, and then panko bread crumbs before deep frying them at 350f until golden, about 1 minute.

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  1. You're killing me! This looks great! I love masa dough (with lard) in tamales and to add the panko and deep fryer - I think you're onto something. Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. This looks so good! What an inventive appetizer!

  3. You are brilliant my friend... loving those olives and tamale bites look amazing too.

  4. Hey, Chris. I avoid deep frying because I don't really know how to not waste the oil after one use. I think you could do a great service but creating a tutorial for that.

  5. Both of these sound delicious, Chris. I can't believe you thought of breading olives! I have never even heard or imagined something like that. I bet it really would be addicting that way. I'm off to search your site now for Kentucky Hot Browns.

  6. i'm pretty sure i said it before, but you've got to throw the BEST parties. the tamale bites look incredible, as do the olives. you can't beat fried food (said the girl who misses it dearly).

  7. Wow! This is so fun. My mom used to gave us fried tamales for breakfast when she has leftover tamales. Just remove the wrapping and dip fry. They are soooooo good. The corn dough gets really crispy.

    Thanks for the idea of the panko crumbs,


  8. Both sound like great creations and good tip on getting the batter to stick to an olive.

  9. I am so happy you used plain old black olives. So many people go crazy for kalamatas...but I always have been and always will be a black olive loving girl.

  10. I love it when experiments turn out so well.

  11. These make me happy. Maybe I can finally find a way to get PJ to eat olives. He was traumatized as a kid when his family told him they were "grapes." Poor kid.

    What makes me even happier is that you watch UFC! God love ya!


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