Sunday, October 16, 2011

Upcoming Gameday Giveaway

I saw something cool on the NatGeo channel this morning on a show called "Brain Games" that explained why humans enjoy being spectators so much.   They looked at a key reason behind things like:
  • why we get so worked up over a football game, 
  • why we subject ourselves to scary movies, or
  • why we tease ourselves, drooling over someone's food blog (I added this one).
The show attributed our voyeuristic enjoyment on mirror neurons.  When we watch one of these activities, inside our brain our neurons are firing similarly ("mirroring") to as if we were participating in the activity ourselves.

So when you are reading a food blog and see a picture like this for example.... (click for recipe)

In your brain, some neurons are firing just like mine did in real life when I was tasting the sweet, smoky wings and mouth watering beans.  

Relax, there is no such thing as "mirror calories".

October is a big month for spectator sports.  Baseball championships are underway, football is in full swing, and NASCAR is in the chase for the points.  To help you enjoy your mirror neurons, the fine folks at Bush's Baked Beans are sponsoring my October "Gameday Giveaway" with this prize package!

It includes 2 Bush's Beans chairs, enough beans for 20 tailgaters, hotdog/brat griller, hamburger press and a fun cooler with built in powered speaker system to play your MP3 tunes or listen to the pregame show (MP3 player not included).  

Bush's also sponsored a tailgate party for my friends and family this week at one of my son's football games.  We had "bulldawgs", stacked burgers, Bush's Baked Beans and more.  I'll post about that AND the giveaway details next weekend.  

In the mean time, here are a few quick & fun tailgating tips that I use:
  1. Small bites = quick cooking and convenience.   Sure ribs & roasts are great but burgers, hot dogs, wings and brats cut down on prep time, cook a lot faster, and let you spend more time socializing.
  2. "Smoke the competition" with game themed food names.  Have fun with your menu and eat your competition.  For example, if you are playing against the Falcons, serve hot wings and call them "grilled Falcon wings". (or Blue Jay, Orioles, Eagles, etc)
  3. House Rules:  If you are tailgating onsite, find out the stadium rules BEFORE you go.  Many places are now enforcing strict rules for tailgating including WHEN you can start and whether open flames can be used. 
I have to run.  The Jaguars game starts in 30 minutes.  We may stink this year but I still like to watch the games and get my "mirror neurons" fired up.   

[Standard Disclaimer]  I received compensation from Bush's Beans for this post but any opinions are my own.  I have used and posted about Bush's Beans long before ever entering a sponsorship with them. 


  1. I believe that plate got my little neurons moving around.

  2. Oh yeah! These have my neurons are firing up alright! They have me drooling on my keyboard as well! I caught an episode of that show last week, loved it and love the giveaway - but I would love to have your delicious tailgating food even more!

  3. I have watched the Brain Games on National Geographic-fascinating. Would I be bragging if I told you that my nephew is one of the producers for that series? Yes I am! I can't help myself.

    My Florida Gators are hitting bottom quickly this season. I keep telling myself that this is a transitional season for them (smile).

    Happy tailgating to you.


  4. I love National Geographic... I always learn something new while watching. Nice giveaway!

  5. Mirror neurons...very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    Kim in MD

  6. Tailgating is the best. It truly says football season to me!! Another great giveaway, Chris!

  7. Neurons huh, sounds like brain food. Happy tailgating.

  8. Chris, I'd like to ask a favor. Go to my site theobsessivechef and give thought to a mention of my new book. You could even copy the pic if you were of a mind to do so. You have a large number of followers who I think might at the least just like to know about this. If I could afford it I would provide copies for giveaways. I can't. Thanks for thinking about it.
    Best, Stephen

  9. Well, since I'm going to a Sharks game tonight, just posted something scary on my blog AND am drooling over those wings I fit right in!!

  10. I think I killed a few mirror neurons over the weekend...

  11. That plate of food most certainly got my neuron's attention. Great give away, would love to win.

  12. That plate of food certainly got my neuron's attention. Great give away Chris.

  13. I have never been to a tailgating party. Of course I am not sure I have ever been to a sporting event either. When I was kid, I used to hide under the bed to avoid little league. GREG

  14. Those wings and beans look soooooo good!Great giveaway,Chris!

  15. Can't wait for the giveaway :)

    And yes those wings did get my mirror neurons going. I'm off to check out that wing post now and to bookmark that recipe. stat!

  16. Would love to win this giveaway, bush's beans are the only beans in our home..The yummies for tailgating are starting in our home..Love to make stuff ahead of time, keep it hot or keep it cool, but definitely make sure the wings are great and the beans are Bush's!!! Yummmeee! mjs from


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